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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Stale Story: Threading Session!

Hello everyone!!

Yeah..yeah.. I know it's been a while I haven't rambling like mad-woman (*rolled eyes) in this blog of mine. I tried many times to write something in this blog but all stuck midway because I was not in good mood of blogging (*sighed). I am jealous with all of you out there who is consistent in  posting a new entry every day! How you guys do that???

Too many draft became stale already but I decided to finish this one and publish it because it was a very happy day for me.. So, bear with me okay.. Basi pun basi la....LOL!

Last month, Just and me went out once again..Yeah, it's our 2nd outing together and this time our goal was to do the threading thing (^_^). I been heard about this process but never done it before and I was excited to try it (LOL). We did not go straight to the place because we 'meyukat' the BB Plaza and Sungei Wang Plaza 1st before heading to our goal destination..

Just & Me before threading session

I was watching the girl doing her task..hehehe!
Kupi2 time before back home

So, was it painful? Nope, not at all! I think being pinched is more painful than threading.. I did upper lips and eyebrow threading and it cost me RM25..You can check the saloon price here, if you wanna try to do threading..

I am done with this post.. Till next staled entry! LOL!

Happy Saturday everyone!

P/S : Picture all snapped by my fellow blogger friend, Just... Thanks ya moy, next time let's do it again! LOL!


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