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Monday, December 5, 2016

Ear Piercing For Her

After countless time delaying, finally daughter brave up her guts and made up her mind to go for ear piercing. Oh ya, it was her decision to have an ear piercing, not mine. Le daughter really have her own mind in everything.

It only cost RM14 for the piercing services (together with pair of silver earring). I thought she won't cry but I was wrong because she was wailing after the 1st shot on her right ear. Hubby have to console her for few minutes and let her bite into his arm so that the piercing guy can proceed with the other ear.

Well, i think the process was painless compared to my experience 29 years ago. Mine was done by my grandmother (mom's side) with special made bamboo thread and a pair of gold earring as a gift from my grandmother. It was one painful experience but it didn't deter me from getting more ear piercing as I grew up, LOL!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Happy 9th Birthday Daughter


My only daughter turned 9 yesterday. She is no longer the only grand daughter (hubby's side) because this year 2 more grand daughter added to the family tree. 

Nothing much change in her habit and character since last year story . She is still my shy and soft tomboyish princess who like to play in her own kingdom. However I noticed that she is stubborner than her brothers, a trait that I guess she inherit from me, LOL

Happy birthday sumandak mama! Mama will always pray for your success and happiness. May Allah blesses you abundantly and may your grow up to be a solehah daughter here and hereafter..(Aaminn!)
my 9 years old sumandak
family pic

Monday, January 11, 2016

New Year, New Resolutions, New Hair


13th days of year 2016 and 2 weeks since school  re-open for new session of which the busiest weeks for me. Now that my children school matters has been settled, I can focus on my monthly plan and yearly plan with hope that everything will go smoothly. I have few goals that I really want to achieve this year (In Sha Allah) and adding up 1 new resolution for year 2016 i.e; SPEAK LESS, LISTEN MORE dengan harapan boleh kawal tu mulut/lidah dari membebel, hehehe! 

Oh ya, cut my long hair in order to persuade my daughter to cut her messy long hair, hahaha! Ringan terus kepala! My daughter is one of those girl who likes to keep her hair long but doesn't like to take care of it and believe me, I have to drag her to the bathroom to wash her hair several times before because she didn't wash it for 2 weeks! Hopefully I she will learn to keep her head and hair clean and tidy sooner.

There go my 1st post of year 2016 and more to come, In Sha Allah..

Before and After

Saturday, August 29, 2015

My sumandak 8th Birthday

Memories of giving birth of her 8 years ago today still fresh in my mind. She came to the world without fuss, the easiest labor among 4 of my pregnancy. Initially want to name her Elysha Qistina but in the end change the name to Elysha Shaqina to honor her grandma (my MIL) request.

Being the only daughter and grandaughter (mister's side) she always playing by herself in her kingdom of fantasy. Sometime when she is bore, she will mix and getting tough with her male cousins, LOL! Hopefully she will have girl companion soon..

She is my dear shy and soft princess. Despite her flaw and menace, I love her to the moon and back. It's such a joyful journey to watch her grow up and develop yet I am scared for her at the same time. People nowadays are unpredictable that I couldn't say NO to those negative thinking creeping to my mind. A neighbor, a friend, a relative and even a family can harm our children especially a girl nowadays. How scaryt is that... May she will be always in Allah protection, Amin!

Happy birthday Shasa! Mama will always be with you and mama will always pray for your happiness, safety and success here and hereafter.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Fever attack On Her Birthday!

I supposed to post this entry yesterday but  I spend most of my time doing my last minute Raya shopping then went straight to my MIL house at Semenyih to celebrate my daughter and MIL birthday and only manage to come back home at 1.00 am. It's just a small celebration actually and Yeah, my daughter (Shasa) got fever on her birthday! But thanks God that it just a normal fever.. Orang cakap demam nak besar.=P

My daughter born on 28th August 2007 while my MIL born on 29th August, so we decide to celebrate it together. The day before my daughter birthday, she already demand that she will choose her own birthday cake and she want my hubby to buy her make-up set for her birthday present.(Hubby said she couldn't decide which one cake she want because there are lots of selection at the cake house)  Hahahaha, she asked my hubby because she know that her papa will grant her everything if he can. Princess kesayangan hubby la dikatakan.. But of course hubby didn't buy the real one. She was sulking when she know hubby bought make-up mainan but being a kid, she is fine right after hubby treated her with GULA-GULA.. Candy definitely is the best bribe for my daughter because she just loves it! Well, she did said this to me, " nanti mama beli make-up yang betul2 bila shasa besar ye.."
To my daughter, may you grow up into fine lady and may you achieve every single dream you have.     You are my perfect daughter and mama love you very much. Mama will always pray the best in you life. Happy 4th year my darling daughter...

Right from the first time we held you in our arms,
You made us fall in love with you, with your irresistible charm.
You were the most beautiful thing that we had ever seen,
Dearest baby you made us happier than we had ever been.
Today on your birthday, looking at you grow up so fine,
Makes us love every tiny bit of this time.
Happy Birthday to our angelic daughter.
- poem by
And to my MIL:- They may say a thing or two about Mother-In-Laws
They may make some nasty jokes
But these are definitely not about you
Cause you’re not like most
You’re so much fun to be with
I enjoy our time with you
Happy Birthday Mother-In-Law
May all your dreams come true! 

Okay, don't have much time left since hubby and I need to go to pasar to buy chicken for tomorrow and some other stuff.  So enjoy the pics on my daughter & MIL birthday celebration..

The right cake is my daughter's cake, choose by herself & the other one is for MIL

Nenek & Cucu potong cake..

Make-up mainan & set masak2 after few hours given to my daughter.. hahaha!
 P/S: Not  much pics taken by me because I was busy controlling my youngest son from attacking the cakes..hahaha & will going to auto-publish my entry start from tomorrow till Thursday..

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Exhausted Daughter Of Mine

Last Friday my office turned into a day care for my kiddo (daughter & youngest son) because their nanny asked for leave to attend her kids record taking at their school. My husband also have to attend it, leaving me with the kids.

I have no choice but bringing them along to my office since I have to wait for DHL Currier service to deliver company supply from Japan. My boss don't mind at all since he and the other salesman rarely at office leaving me all by  myself most of time. I am lucky to have such a considerate boss =D.. I bet none of you have a kind boss like betul kan..

Actually that was not the 1st time I took them to my office because of the same problem; their nanny asked for 'cuti' yet we never deducted her salary though. My hubby intend to find a daycare for our kid to avoid such thing and we really hope we manage to find one nearby our flat area before end of this month. As a parent, current issues such as babies/toddlers/kids died at daycare center really are terrifying me to send my kids to daycare center but as a working parent, we have no choice but doing so. I only hope those people whom I put my trust to care my kids will do their best to do the task of taking care my kids.

Okay, back to the main story about the exhausted daughter of mine. Well, my daughter refuse to take her evening nap at my office because she I forgot to bring along her 'bantal busuk' which she used to 'gentel' before drift to sleep. So, she played all the time around my office. I knew that she was so tired because she asked too many question and talked lots of stuff. She tended to do that whenever she is tired to avoid herself from falling to sleep.

I persuaded her several time to sleep beside her little brother while waiting for my hubby to fetch us but she was so stubborn. I fell sorry for her because it was my fault for forgetting her most precious pillow. Around 5.00pm my hubby arrived and we went off to Giant to do our monthly shopping..hehehe,baru gaji ba jadi shopping dulu la..

"Ma, kita nak pergi Giant ke?" she asked excitedly. Gezzz, ni budak betul2 peminat Giant.. Her sleepy eyes gone, replaced with enthusiasm. Hahahaha, but that was only for 15 minutes. After that, see what happened to her :-

We wonder why so quite.. Gosh she is sleeping soundly in the trolley
tskk.tskk..poor Shasha..
look at her gaped mouth..sedap betul dia tidur!
Hubby and I tried to so our shopping as fast as possible because we know how tired our daughter was. She don't even stirred a bit when we placed her into the car and in our house. She was so damn tired! 

Okay, that's all for today.. My master-chef a.k.a my hubby is calling me to train my culinary skill so got to put full stop here. Have a blasting Sunday everyone! (^_^) V

P/S: Though I practice every weekend yet my culinary skill still as poor as before.. My master-chef said, seem like I have to be his assistant for longer then he expected..hihihihi


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