Saturday, August 29, 2015

My sumandak 8th Birthday

Memories of giving birth of her 8 years ago today still fresh in my mind. She came to the world without fuss, the easiest labor among 4 of my pregnancy. Initially want to name her Elysha Qistina but in the end change the name to Elysha Shaqina to honor her grandma (my MIL) request.

Being the only daughter and grandaughter (mister's side) she always playing by herself in her kingdom of fantasy. Sometime when she is bore, she will mix and getting tough with her male cousins, LOL! Hopefully she will have girl companion soon..

She is my dear shy and soft princess. Despite her flaw and menace, I love her to the moon and back. It's such a joyful journey to watch her grow up and develop yet I am scared for her at the same time. People nowadays are unpredictable that I couldn't say NO to those negative thinking creeping to my mind. A neighbor, a friend, a relative and even a family can harm our children especially a girl nowadays. How scaryt is that... May she will be always in Allah protection, Amin!

Happy birthday Shasa! Mama will always be with you and mama will always pray for your happiness, safety and success here and hereafter.


  1. Blessed birthday lil cousin! :)

  2. Girl companion moy?? jgn ko diam2 aa moy..

  3. Hehehe...buli lagi tu cr adik utk Shasa... ko muda lg moy.. :D

    1. Bahaya tu kalu cari adik lin..hahaha!
      Muda pun kalu doc bilang risky susah juga lin..


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