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Tuesday, November 29, 2011

What Happened To you?

That was a bonus question from my SIL the other day when hubby, the kids and I visited my MIL when she saw my face with lots of breakdown..Yep, since last fasting month I faced the worst pimples breakout in my life. Even worst than the one I endured during my teenage year! 

Hubby keep teasing me of catching this problem because I don't eat Petai and my HUGE appetite over chocolate and greasy foods.. Such a ridiculous myth since as far as I knew though our diet might play role on acne problem but it cannot causes the sudden acne breakout.. I might believe if people said it occurred due to hormone imbalance but never on diet habit..LOL
I don't really know what triggered this problem and I don't really care actually but I do want to get rid of it since it really turn down my self-esteem..Well, you know I don't wear make-up and the redness of my acne really show off and that cause me to feel a bit embarrassed to be in public.. Right now I am using the Natural Tea Tree Oil which recommended by my friend few years ago. So far this is the best product that I knew can fight pimples with no scar but I do like to try other product which is cheaper and effective too..Any suggestion?? 

You must think that I am such a whiner, aren't you?? The previous entry I whined about my flabby tummy and now this! Actually my point is don't feel embarrassed to ask for people suggestion/tips because who know their idea might help and here I am asking for tips of fighting acne breakout from all of you (*with puppy eyes)..

Happy Tuesday!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Should I Try Or Shouldn't I Try?

You must wonder what's  the question above all about? Let me do the telling before you all jump into the wrong conclusion kio.. 

Image credited to Mr. Google
Last week hubby, the kid and me went to my Mom In Law (MIL) to buka puasa together. After that, out of nowhere we start to talk about this particular food supplement drinks called Cocoa Collagen which is pretty hot among woman nowadays. MIL said that this product really are good and she suggested me to try this one out.Well, I also aware of this product because some of my FB friend also recommended it to me. 

I guess all woman must know what is collagen and I don't think I need to define it to you. Even my mother knew what it is! hahahaha, really funny when I remembered my mother told me to eat lots of citrus fruit and broccoli to delay aging due to lack of collagen. Jangan main2, orang kampung lagi advance oo sekarang.. I do know that lots of woman out there really concern with this collagen stuff because it's something related to our outer beauty. Jangan nak kata tak kisah pasal collagen ye.. 

I never tried this kind of product before because I don't like any kind milk-based beverage..YUCK!  So, it's a bit hard for me to give this product a try but being a woman, me too have those urge to try product that can enhance my inside and outside health. So far, I only took vitamin C tablet as a health supplement because according to what I read through medical and scientific research article, it's the most important mineral that can help our body to maintain our health and also maintain the collagen level in our body.

However, since I notice the difference of my skin nowadays and 10 year back, I start to consider on taking supplement that focus on enhancing or at least maintaining collagen level on my body though I still believe in natural source. I don't want to look like 40 years old woman when I am just 29.. I sure don't to wear make-up 24/7 to cover that! And sadistically, I don't even know how to put on make-up! Masalah..Masalah.. @_@

Yes, nobody can stop aging because it's part of life span and everyone will undergo the process and I am thinking to try out this kind of product not to stop the aging process but only to prevent aging before the time. Who want to look like 40 when she/he is just 30, right? I will never put myself at the same level of those celebrities who are suppose 50 years old that have a stretched-plastic face. You know what I mean.. Haiya, just look at our 1st lady la..Tegang bangat!!

Opsss, did I rants too much? Okay, better back to the main Q:- So should I give it a try? Or shouldn't I give it a try? Or maybe you gals can suggest me another type of product with same purpose? Share2 la you all punya beauty secret kio..

I really want to rant some more since I haven't rants in this blog for some time but I got to go now because I need to settle 1 pending paperwork which my boss need for this afternoon meeting with customer. 



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