Monday, December 3, 2012

Hit & Run & Welcoming December

Yay! It's December people! 21 days before Christmas and 28 days before new year hey! I guess those who celebrating Christmas must be busy setting up their Christmas tree right?

Actually, I just want to share another stale story regarding my car a.k.a my new baby..what a boring entry to welcome December huh (*LOL). 10 days ago, my car was hit and run while it was parked neatly at the parking area. Somebody hit my car while she/he tried to park beside it.. Yeah, it happened during night time or early in morning while everyone sleeping or busy to start the day. We didn't know for sure who did it but we kind of suspecting the owner of the orange Gen2 because his front bumper was badly scratched but we can't say anything since no witness and our suspicion only based on the pint of orange paint on the damage.

Yeah, it was a sad incident and in fact, i was mad because though I am just a noob driver but I always make sure I won't hit other people car while trying to park my car. However, I am grateful because it was just a small dent not a big damage. Well, I already repaired it and it cost me RM150...! There go my budget for books hunting this coming Saturday (*sigh).. Apparently, I need to put aside some budget for my car just in case emergency things like this happened (*touch wood)..

Ok, I am done with this pathetic stale story..Until next entry, Happy Monday & Happy Working everyone!   


  1. kin panas kan kalau hit and run! grrr.. bagus2 ada bajet bili buku trus lari bajet! huhuhuh..

  2. Kenapa ah moi, bila bili keta baru mesti tidak lama lepas tu kana langgar or langgar sendiri? palis palis...

    Ada balasan tu orang nanti tu, dia pun nanti kana hit and run juga. Tinguk lah hehe!

  3. adui..hit and run lg tu.. sepa juga ni..

  4. mcm s**l ja tu org yg melanggar..perna blaku di dpn mata sa ni..di parking cp..keta 4wd berabis mereverse smpi tlanggar kancil yg tnga bparking di blkg..pastu trus dia jln ja..sian tu urang..

  5. @Just Mimang sakit hati betul ni..terus sikit ja sia dpt beli buku masa BBW punya sale..huhuhu

  6. @Wyne Mouren Ntah la moi, apa2 pun palis2 kan..
    Org bilang, what goes around, will comes around ba kan wyne..hehehe

  7. @StellaClaire-Richard Sia suspect tu org yg baru pindah di kawasan flat kami ni..tapi teda bukti, jadi diam2 ja la..

  8. @Wen Itu yg sia sakit hati ba wen.. kereta sia bagus2 berparking sana, tu org punya kecuaian, sia yg kena..huhuhu.. Mimang menyumpah-yumpah sia tu pagi ba...ha3


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