Monday, May 31, 2010

"Tagged" GOOD or BAD??? You Decide...

It's been a while since last time I updated my blog entry.Actually i have a lot of stuff that i want to share but it's all mixed up in my mind and I don't have a free time to sort it out and make a good story..My last entry was about "Tagged", a social web that I have used for a month now and I decided to write more about this social web, so let start..

In a month I have almost 400 friends and most of them are male, aged between 18-40 years old.. I have tried to add female friends but only few of them accepted my request.. Initially I was wondering why but eventually I got my answer after I did some research..

Most of the male user of Tagged did not used their  own picture/image. They either used model/actor picture or inappropriate image.Female user normally used their own picture but most of the picture were very sexy and some o them even posed in their bra and panties only..

Using a glamorous ID/username is normal in any kind of social web but it's even weirdo in Tagged.. I don't even know why they used such ID because I can't even pronounce some of their ID..I was browsing through some Tagged user profile and i was shocked because there were a lot of inappropriate background that been used and i was wondering why those user were not banned or removed by "Tagged" since in their terms and condition was stated that inappropriate/Pornography image/sentences/statement/etc were prohibited and anyone who did so considered violence against the term and condition and will cause the user to be banned or removed, yet so far there were a lot of inappropriate stuff been used  by Tagged user and no action was taken..

Since most of my Tagged friends were male user, so i will describe what kind of male friends i have got from Tagged. Well most of the male user will start the conversation with normal and polite question such as hi, how are you? What's your name? How old are you? Are you married? Can we be friends?? However, once they get comfortable they will start the flirt and talk about sex thing and other dirty talks.. I was shocked 1st time one of them start talking dirty to me.. He said i won't find online friend unless i was feel lonely and needed someone to satisfied my need..My gosh, that was really incredulous..I am so mad and pissed off because of what they think.. It's seem like they have set on their mind that whoever looking for online friends is a desperado person..what a shallow mind they got..

I opened Tagged account to know and get more friends.. I am not searching any kind of thing such as an affair or what so ever.. It's really irritated me to repeat the same thing to all of my Tagged friends.. I don't care if  they want to remove me from their friend list since i won't die if i lost friend that have a shallow and dirty mind.. I am grateful instead..But some of them are good people and accepted the fact that not all female Tagged user is looking for such thing and i can't hardly blame the male user for thinking so because most of the female user were looking for those stuff and some of them even advertising themselves. What a shamed!!
To me, it's up to individual to determine what they want to achieve through this kind of social web.. I used Tagged to get more friends and shared story of life.. I really hope that my tagged friends will respect my intention as much as i respect theirs.. I just like knowing people characters and behavior through this social web and i did learn a lot of people character and mind set and it's give me realization that human can be worst than a beast sometime ...

we can't blame technology for morality catastrophe and down fall because technology don't have a brain.. It's was invented merely to help improve human life.. As a human gifted with brain, we supposed to use it for good and we shouldn't let technology over-power our sense and sensibility..

There are a lot of stuff about tagged i likes to share but i guess that's all for now..

Monday, May 3, 2010

let's " TAGGED"!!!

Last week really a wonderful yet hectic week for me. I get to know another social web called " TAGGED ".
 This social web is more interesting ( to my opinion ) because of the game which they called "pets"..

After I signed-up, i got 12 new friends instantly but they are foreigners who looking for serious relationship instead of regular relationship..

To me, the foundation of ever-lasting relationship is honesty, so i m honest to them from the very beginning when i told them all that i am looking for friendship only..

Anyway, thanks to my hubby for let me know about this social web.. I hope i can make a lot of new friend via these social web..

Well, anyone out there who haven't heard about this social web, have a look yourself and it's up to you to judge whether it's good or not..


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