Friday, September 24, 2010

Story Of My Father, My Idol..

Dunggi Marudin, that is my beloved father name. He has 14teen kids; 7 kids frm his 1st wife and 7 kids from his 2nd wife ( my mother ). I don't know much about his work background though he did told me about it so many but it was my fault for being so unobservant.

My father loves all of his kids though he rarely show it but as a person who always spent a lot of time with him before I leave my village to pursue my study, I know that he loves all of his kids unconditionally. Some of us did complained that he was unfair in showing his love yet the truth is he never differ his love to any of us. 

My father was not a wealthy man. He did not own a huge bungalow or fancy car yet he did inherited some good properties from his parent. He manage to support us till we are able to support ourselves. He is very good in fixing thing especially electronic stuff and also vehicles. Some of us did inherited his talent in fixing thing.

My father is the kindest man I have ever know but he is not a pious man. Though he was christian follower yet never go to church or attending anything concerning with religion. I did wonder why and even asked him once when I was still a little kid but all he said; you will understand when you grew up. I understand very much now the reason. He never gossiped about other people though some people always talked bad about him. If people done injustice to him, he never complain though i knew he was sad and disappointed with certain people and I am one of those people who make him sad and disappointed.

My father was the one who asked my siblings to seek and search for me when I was missing, lost my way of life. My mother said he tried to play tough during those period of times yet he was crying every night just thinking of me and even fell sick for worrying too much about me and for that i regret every single thing I have done for causing his misery.

My father accepted me and still love me like before although my other family already considered me as the black sheep in the family after betraying my family trust and tarnished their reputation. My father forgave me and even supported me through my choice of life path. He become my adviser, motivated me to stand up and prove to all people that I still can raised from my fall. 

My father is my idol and will always be. I still remember our last conversation on the night before he was gone. He asked me to never give up no matter what happened because things happened for reason. Those 15min conversation through phone was the last conversation I have with him. (I couldn't even hug my father for the last time). My father was gone forever but to me he is always here close to my heart and i do believed he is up there watching over  me.

My other siblings might have their own story about him but this is my story about him.. But no matter what their story, I believed that all of my siblings love him dearly. He was the center of our life. Without him, we are not who we are now.

I only have 2 pics of my father but I don't need any pic to recall all of our memory together because it's right here in my mind and my heart.

4 years have passed
I’ll never forget the day
Someone rang to tell me
That you’d gone away

The hurt is the same
Still here in my heart
Like an open wound
Keep bleeding when those date approached
There are days
I don’t utter a sound
Some days the pain is stronger
It makes me sick and weak
I can’t stand the pain and regret
I just sit and weep

I was your princess
Daddy's little girl
I took my own path
But still you never cast me away
Yet I am still part of your world

You were like a rock
Strong, faithful and true
What worth has my life
Now I don’t have you

I was not the best
I even the worst
Guilty of neglect
But you know daddy dearest
I had so much respect for you

I always love you
My dad, my idol
Now my pain is
To miss you from afar


Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Are you punishing or abusing your child??

Child abuse is not a new issues and I believe that it still happened somewhere out there right now when we are busy with our routine, there are still helpless children being punished more than they should be, more than they should endure..

Child abuse is the physical, sexual or emotional mistreatment of children. Reading the journal of child abuse and neglect online really give me pang of guilty because unconsciously me too have done something consider as abuse to my own children though all i intended to do is to punish them for their mischievousness. It never crossed to my mind that threatening them emotionally is considered as abusive. It's not like i threatening to kill them, i just said i will cut their finger if they do it again yet i never meant single words. I just said it to scared them off of repeating their mischief.

The journal really open my eyes and mind that there are load of other way into punishing and teaching our kids than starting to abuse them physically or emotionally. The journal said it better if we show them the example of result of their mischief might cause than punishing them. Kids tend to observe tender and gentle words than harsh and mean word..

A home should be a safe haven for our kids not a place where they cringed and hide because of insecurity by their own  flesh and blood. A home should be a place where our kids grow up with warmth of love and kindness.. I am planning to change the way of my approaching in teaching my kids what good and bad, what they can and can't do etc.

Shedding tears for those helpless kids is not enough and will never do good unless we are taking some action with it. We can begin with our own family. How can we preached about stopping child abuse when it does happened in our own family. Before we condemned and talked about other people, why not we ourselves understand the true definition of child abuse than you might surprised to know that you too have abuse your own child in the way that your never thought should be consider abusive. Remember that violence won't do any goods either on children or adult. It's only make thing worst..

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Baby die at daycare centre & SIDS

I am surfing through the star online when this headline catch my attention.. Not again, i said to myself right after i read this title..
My 1st impression is the daycare center must be careless..

But after reading the news further, I feel a bit guilty for jump into conclusion before knowing the whole story.. and the story make me think of sudden death infant syndrome (SIDS)..

What is sudden death infant syndrome? Typically the infant is found dead after having been put to bed, and exhibits no signs of having suffered. However, it should only be applied to an infant whose death is sudden and unexpected and remains unexplained after the performance of an adequate postmortem investigation including:

  1. an autopsy;
  2. investigation of the scene and circumstances of the death;
  3. exploration of the medical history of the infant and family

The cause of SIDS is unknown. Although studies have identified risk factors for SIDS, such as putting infants to bed on their stomachs, there has been little understanding of the syndrome's biological cause or potential causes. The frequency of SIDS appears to be a strong function of the infant's sex, age and ethnicity, and the education and socio-economic-status of the infant's parents.

In the case of above headlines, I really hope that the baby death is related to SIDS and nothing to do with the people who manage the daycare centre.. I have a kids being taken care by other people and news like this really terrified me.. People to whom we entrust our kids should carry their responsibility honestly..


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