Sunday, June 23, 2013

Cuti-Cuti Malaysia: Kuala Terengganu

Hello hello blogging world!
How's your day so far? The haze problem here in Puchong is quite bad today :( My kids especially my 2nd son and daughter is facing a breathing problem  a.k.a asthma and it's made me worried :(  I even deterred my eldest son from participating in his sport day. Hopefully this air pollution will be solved soonest before it caused further damage (*sigh). As promised, I am going to share a bit here and there about my family short vacation during school holiday early June.

3 week ago on 31st May until 2nd June, we went to Terengganu for short vacation and.. Si mama malar berjalan, main bujang2 so it was kiddos turn to have fun and at the same time to visit their relatives from their father's side.

We stayed at Saudagar Beach Resort (located  for 2 night that costed me RM160 per night for family room, a spacious room with 3 queen-size mattress and a small but clean bathroom. Actually the normal rates is RM110 for family room but since it was peak season (school holiday), the price has been increased. The room was okay but I couldn't stand the noise of people talking or even poo-pooing from the room next door.. Buli kamu bayangkan apa perasaan saya bila dengar bunyi kentut yang teramat kuat dari bilik sebelah? Gross but funny as well.. Hahaha! I choose this resort not only because it was the only hotel that have vacant room for that weekend but also because it have a very nice beach where you can let you kids swim and play with the sand. I love beach, so did my kids :)

At Pantai Kemasik
Where we stayed
Interior of our room
Visiting kids' father kampung
We spent most of our 1st day at kids' father kampung and only went back to our hotel at night. On the 2nd day, we spent half of our day at the beach just behind Saudagar Beach Resort and the kids were having fun playing with sand but no swimming on that day because of the wild waves. In the afternoon, we went to Bukit Puteri, Turtle Alley, Chinatown and also the famous Pasar Payang.

Enjoying the morning sea breeze
Can't let the kids swim but didn't mean they can't play with the bubbly waves :P
Look at them...
Eldest son, engrossed with his project
2nd son, playing in the wavy water..
The daughter trying to build a castle
My youngest !
Haha, yoga yg x jadi! :P
Inside Pasar Payang
Classic Parking meter
At Bukit Puteri
Ini anak minta snap pic of him with the cannon
Turtle Alley - Nice spot for photoshoot
Peace from Tunung Family :P
On the wall
Peace People!
My youngest feeling naik penyu.. haha!

It started raining before we can visit the crystal mosque and other places, so we cancelled our plan. Well, next time we will go to that place..We dropped by to kids' father kampung again that evening before went back to our hotel. On the 3rd day, we spent our time at the beach again before checking out and bound back to Puchong. This time the sea was calm and clear and we took our time to enjoy swimming.

I am enjoying the water and the morning sun :P
My boys...Err, where was my daughter? She was waiting for het turn untuk didukung oleh mamanya :P
I love Beaches!
Our journey back to Puchong took about 10 hours because of the heavy traffic from Genting Highland towards Gombak but that was okay since we arrived home safe and sound! Overall, it was a fun holiday and importantly it was my quality time with my kids.

Okay, that's a bit sharing of my vacation with kiddos. Thanks for reading and Happy Sunday people!

“My soul is full of longing
for the secret of the sea,
and the heart of the great ocean
sends a thrilling pulse through me.”
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


  1. siok sia tingu kamurang moy!! betul2 bervacay with the kids ni! sekali sekala ba kan moy! bila la sia mau sampai KT ni.. hhihihi

  2. seronok nya.. mcm bkn mama budak oh hihi

  3. Siok oh! macam vacation bersama adik2 bah ni hihi mcm sumandak ba ko sis haha balik2 sya ckp ni oh kan...sya suka tu yg gmbr ko ber'yoga :D love beaches too!

  4. Ya the haze quite serious o. Over here at Singapore very hazardous suda.

    Well, it seems you had a great time with family during early of the month. Belum ada haze lagi hehee.

    Happy Thursday, Tunung!

  5. Wah....sioknya tulah bila kena tempuh jem tu yang nda siok..uhuhuhu

  6. @Just sia pun trus jadi budak2 moi..hehe
    nanti siap tu highway baru, 3 jam seja kunu buli sampai suda KT..

  7. @StellaClaire-Richard hehe, jgn kasi kambang sia ba stel..hehe!

  8. @Michelle Sung bukan yoga ba tu.. seja2 mikirayou. hehe!
    Iya, sia pun suka betul beaches ni.. Nda apa kalu sunburnt pun..haha

  9. @Arms Haiya, arms! sikalang baru ko muncul ah! Mana suda kitteh monday ko..haha!
    Thanks for dropping by kio!

  10. @Ratu Hatiku Jem gila masa balik hari tu Lin, lepas ni nak pegi time bukan cuti sekolah.. x sanggup wei.. sakit buntut..haha!


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