Sunday, March 18, 2012

Guess Who Is This?

Who is this girl?
I found this very old picture among my old stuff while I am trying to sort it out and throw away all of the unwanted, useless paper/trash. Actually there are few more of it but I just want to share this one particular pic because it remind me of the beautiful scenery my village once hold. I am not saying that my village is no longer as beautiful nowadays because to me it 's still beautiful but the scenery was no longer same as before. Too many house nowadays (*sighing)...

When I was a kid (like the girl in the pic), the scenery of our house backyard/front-yard was full with trees especially fruits tree and also wild flower. I remembered when I got back from primary school, my nephews, my nieces and me will climbed  up the citrus tree with our homemade sambal (mixed of salt-belacan-cili padi/lado seroi) and having a great time eating limau/mangga on the tree until my father came, scolding us and spoiled our leisure time (*laughing). He was not mad because we were eating the fruits but he was mad because we're bringing along our sambal on the tree. Bapa cakap nanti itu pokok minkorikata..

I think I just want to talk about the old pic but as always once I talk about my childhood stuff/memory, I couldn't help myself from writing about it with twinkle in my eyes because it happened to be the most happiest period of my life (*smiling). Well, regarding the pic above, who do you think was the girl on the pic?? Hahaha, this is not a contest or what so ever but only giving you glimpse of myself okay! 

Happy Sunday & Happy working Monday in advance everyone!


  1. oh this is so nostalgic. I miss my old kampung as well.tapi sekrg banyak sdh pembangunan so it doesn't really look like last time.

  2. Of coz it was u kan moy! Am digging out mine too after this.. Lama nda update blog! Huhu..

  3. WFF : I think semua tmpt pun x sama mcm dulu ba kan..

    Rose: memang paling precious.. =P

    Stella: Yup. U got it right!

    Just : ba, pigi kama kurik2 moi..hehe


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