Wednesday, July 25, 2012

The Lazy Me

Ya..Ya.. I have to admit that I am so damn lazy lately and I don't even know why though I noticed that daily life pressure is one of the reason. 

Everyone is updating their blog post everyday.. Everyone is posting their updated status via Facebook or Twitter.. Everyone is posting their new captured pic via Instagram.. Everyone is so rajin to share anything or everything but me..(@_@)

Well, it's not like I don't have time or story to share about but I am just too lazy and not in mood to do so.. BUT, I am still here, following all of your updates and stories, liking and commenting here and there.... Yay, sound like stalker la pula (*LOL)..

I think everyone have been through the same phase right? As for me, I was attacked by this so-called laziness too many times that I lost count on it (@_@).. Luckily it doesn't attack my ability to do my work as well..

Fasting?? Yes, I am fasting but honestly this laziness nothing to do with me fasting.. Alhamdulillah, I am able to fast with success so far... Lazy, lazy juga but I am still high-spirited in fasting in order to support my 2 boys effort to make it through the month.. Lagipun, puasa itu satu ibadah kan..(*Upin & Ipin tones)

So, I am taking this opportunity to wish all my Muslim family, relatives & friend and also to all Muslim all over the world, Happy Fasting Month! May all of us bestowed with blesses & goodness..
Until next post, Happy Wednesday everyone!

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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Happy 10th Birthday Elan!

Today is my eldest son 10th birthday (*smiling) and as always we only  held a small family celebration. Yeah, it's just hubby, the kids and me at our residence in Puchong..I planned to invited his friend to celebrate his birthday but since I have no time to plan it properly, at last I opted to make our usual family celebration instead. God willing, maybe in future will give him big bash party celebration (*finger crossed).. Toun kawagu la kio Elan..

Nope, we did not cook this year and just ordered the food from Pizza Hut (*wink2) and the cake was from our favorite cake and pastry house RT Pastry House.. I want to write it in words but, you know, being me it will turn out into a story-book, so better you people check out some of the pics below:-

Elan and his simple Birthday cake


Pizzaa & Meatball Bolognaise..Yummy
The climax of this family celebration is handing out Elan birthday present. Can you imagine his surprised and awed expression?? It's priceless.. For a ordinary mother with limited income, the feeling of being able granted his son wish is blissful.. Elan have always wanted to have a bicycle of his own.. The present is my way of showing him how much I appreciated his help with all the house task and also for looking after his siblings especially my youngest son (Eyas).. 

Elan and his Birthday present
To my dear son, as always, mama pray all the best in your life. May you grow up to be a kind and useful gentleman. Please keep in your heart despite of my strictness and harshness in teaching and guiding you, mama love you so much. You and your siblings are the source of mama's strength to face any ordeal.. Happy Birthday My Dear Son..Sorry, a bit emotional with my special speech to my son (*sob2).. 

Okay, I am done with my showing off.. Catch up with you all again in next post...
Good Night and Happy Friday in advance.. (^^) v

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Reward For Myself

My New Baby..
You might wonder what is that hideous black thing (pic above) but I am not going to tell you what is it. All I can say; above 'hideous black thing' is my self-reward for my past few years hard work (*wink2)..

Before this I always put other people needs and desire before me that most time I have to put aside my own needs and desire to ensure they happily got theirs 1st (*sighing).. Well, my kids need is exception because they are my precious ok.. This time I went against the odds (cewahhh), put my desire on 1st row and bought above thing for me.. Hahaha, I can be selfish sometimes.. Maybe I am gonna put my own verdict/review about this new thing of mine soon (*wink2 again).

Yep, I am extremely happy with this new belonging of mine although I am suck with smartphone..Oppsss, now I give away something there (*smiling) but I think it's okay..(^^)v..I am aiming for my own DSLR after this but not in near future though.. taya'an oku  noh daa tambalut id haro DSLR nga ingaa noh usin pomoli baino bei.. Don't understand?? Go, google it up and tell me if you can find the meaning (*ROLF).. Thumbs up for  those who understand (*salute)..

Okay, I think I am done with showing off (*laughing evilly).. Catch you alls again later.. Happy Wednesday everyone!

P/S: this is my 1st post from my new baby.. (*hidung kembang-kempis mode)
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Saturday, July 14, 2012

I Am Just Ordinary Woman, Who Do What Ordinary Woman Normally Do..

Ambik ko, the my longest entry's title..ko ada?? Ehemm, don't get mad kio, main2 ja.. Ba, smile first (*smiling)..

Hello everyone!!

This is the longest period I abandoned my blog since I actively re-instate my passion in blogging and to tell the truth I do have the urges to update something/anything in this blog of mine but being me, in the end of the day I always forgot that intent of writing due to my tiredness and also my laziness (^^) v..

Today I woke up a bit early than any other Saturday and 1st thing I do is poo-pooing la because last night I ate too much of Satay Kajang (LOL) then I turn on my lappy and here I am telling you people what's going on for the past 18 days.. Kada kama ko'odop, lumpakisan meti ku teligo, LOL, just kidding okay (*wink2)..

Honestly nothing extra-ordinary happened in my ordinary life for the past 18 days because I am just ordinary woman who do ordinary stuff like any other women. You know stuff like makan, minum, tidur, facebooking etc..etc..Ahaks, sound like loyar buruk statement right? But it's true, at least for me la..

Well, there were 1 or 2 good thing did happened, such as my 2nd meet up with my blogger friend (Just) last week where we have such a great time, shopping together and talking about our life while having lunch together at Berjaya Time Square. Believe me when I said that was also my 2nd visit to Berjaya time Square although I been here in Puchong for almost 11 years.. Kesian kan (LOL)..We have such a quality time together and we shared a lot of story with each other, kan moi?? What story?? Pssttt, itu secret ba (*wink2).. We have quite lots of similarity, not only with our life story but also our taste in fashion. We planned to sukat the KL area again soon since 5 hours tidak cukup ba kan.. 

Just & Me
Another good things is I just received the English-Kadazandusun flash cards for my kiddos from yesterday. What so good with it?? Well, for a mother like me who have problem teaching her kiddos speaking in her mother tongue which is Bahasa Dusun/Kadazandusun, this simple flash cards are good  tools because it's help me to introduce more words in Kadazandusun to my kiddos. Teaching my kiddos who often mixed and communicated with peninsular kids who speak in Semenanjung Malay slang not a simple task you  know... God help me, in fact it's really a hard one for me since I am not with them 24/7. I almost think of sending them back to my hometown to live with my mother but I just can't bear the thought of being separated from them.. I just hope that at least they understand my mother tongue and speak a bit because to me it's better than nothing. So, Dusun mother out there who have problem with teaching your kids our mother tongue, you can get this cute and simple flash cards from because only them supply English-Kadazandusun flash cards in Malaysia and world maybe. Hope they can produce other batch of English-Kadazandusun with more words in future. 2 Thumbs up for them!

English - Kadazandusun Flash Cards
Okay That's all for now. I hope everyone will have a wonderful weekend. Happy Weekend Everyone!


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