Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mission In Progress!

Hey you all! Miss me??

Been super busy at office these few weeks and actually still busy till Chinese New year holiday. Well, I have an hour before going back home, so I am taking this opportunity to 'mengular' and sharing few things with you all.

Remember when I said I am going to travel alone soon in my past entry? Yep, I have planned everything and hopefully those 'everything' will goes smoothly. The hardest part was getting 'green light' from the husband. I been planning all of this project of mine since December last year and only 2 weeks ago did I got his approval though he is still a bit reluctant to let me proceed with this whole 'lone ranger' mission of mine (*roll eyes). Thank you so much  for letting me doing this and take care of the children! I'll buy you nice souvenirs okay (*wink2)!

Just when I thought I have everything in hand, I got an email from the site where I booked my hostel/hotel, informing me about refunding me because the hotel/hostels I booked were full, that there was a technical mistake / miscommunication between them and the hostel/hotel management. Honestly, I was panicked but thank God that I managed to find another place to stay and this time I booked it directly from the owner.

Initially, I was planning to go by bus/train, but yesterday I changed my plan and decided to go there by flight instead. I know it means extra budget but at least it save the traveling time.. *Ayat bikin sadap hati seja tu.

I have done my 'homework' to google up all the place I must go, things I must do and souvenirs I should buy and make a list of it. I also been reading tips about traveling alone from online forum/discussion and takes note about it especially tips concerned about safety matter. My hubby said, "semangat giler die!".. LOL!

Gosh, Times up! Have to go back now to fetch my kids from their daycare center. I'll try to post about my preparation for this mission of mine again soon.. And Nope, I won't spill out my destination until mission accomplished! To those who knew (Attn: Just), psstt, diam2 dulu ah!

To those live in Putrajaya, Labuan & Kuala Lumpur, Happy Holiday!

Note: Below Pic have nothing to do with the entry.. Seja2 mikirayou! HAHAHA!

Pic at genting last Sunday :P


  1. Sa bergantung sama update ko saja ni psal lone ranger travelling. I wish you all the best for doing this alone, moi. Sa mau try juga one day lepas abis belajar hehe...

  2. wah berani juga ko lone ranger jalan2..saya x berani oh..

  3. @Wyne Mouren Walaupun jarang hapdet tapi sia akan hapdet juga psl ni mission moi.. Buli juga jadi panduan utk gorgoeus2 mama yg mo travel alone kan.. Ba moi, sia yg penakut ni buli, ko 100x percent buli ni travel saturang (*wink2)!
    P/S: congrats dpt AAA in ur exam moi :D

  4. @StellaClaire-Richard Sebenarnya kan, takut jua sia ni stella tapi mo juga buat ni sbb lama suda angan2 ba, jadi mo juga la kasi jadi kenyataan..haha! Cuti2 Malaysia seja ba ni, kalu oversea konpem sia x pigi oh.. :P

  5. Dun worry moi... sia diam2 ja ni. paling ngam ko sendiri yg hapdet! hehehe.. amboi2.. p genting ka! :D

  6. @Just Kami buat gila tgh2 mlm pigi sana moi..Trus selesema suma ni..Hahaha!
    Nanti sia bili ko ole2 ah..kunun mo bribe..hahaha!

  7. astaga.. sgt la teda keja owh kan.. hahahha... ba, sia dgn senang hati trima tu 'kupi'... hahahah

  8. Hi tuan rumah... Best o ko p travel. Mo tunggu update n info2 utk dibuat rujkan..neway smapalk tu bday kita 4 sept ;)

  9. Oklah moy naik flight dr bus/tren kalau pigi surang2... lepas nie kita bikin trip sama si just mau nda :p

  10. @Pertt Alpah Belum ada masa lagi mo hapdet skrg oh.. Kerja di ofis byk, balik rumah pun teda masa mo buka laptop..

  11. @Ratu Hatiku Boleh saja.. Ba, nanti kita plan ah.. :P

  12. travel alone? cool!! that's one of dreams ^^
    have fun & stay safe k ^^

  13. Lama sudah tidak pigi sini ooo...bah jaga2 kalau jalan2 saturang ada pangait..ehhehe

  14. wah wah wah.... lone ranger ah... senyum2 sendiri lah tu kan hihihihihi... bah update lah :)


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