Thursday, January 31, 2013

Mission In Progress!

Hey you all! Miss me??

Been super busy at office these few weeks and actually still busy till Chinese New year holiday. Well, I have an hour before going back home, so I am taking this opportunity to 'mengular' and sharing few things with you all.

Remember when I said I am going to travel alone soon in my past entry? Yep, I have planned everything and hopefully those 'everything' will goes smoothly. The hardest part was getting 'green light' from the husband. I been planning all of this project of mine since December last year and only 2 weeks ago did I got his approval though he is still a bit reluctant to let me proceed with this whole 'lone ranger' mission of mine (*roll eyes). Thank you so much  for letting me doing this and take care of the children! I'll buy you nice souvenirs okay (*wink2)!

Just when I thought I have everything in hand, I got an email from the site where I booked my hostel/hotel, informing me about refunding me because the hotel/hostels I booked were full, that there was a technical mistake / miscommunication between them and the hostel/hotel management. Honestly, I was panicked but thank God that I managed to find another place to stay and this time I booked it directly from the owner.

Initially, I was planning to go by bus/train, but yesterday I changed my plan and decided to go there by flight instead. I know it means extra budget but at least it save the traveling time.. *Ayat bikin sadap hati seja tu.

I have done my 'homework' to google up all the place I must go, things I must do and souvenirs I should buy and make a list of it. I also been reading tips about traveling alone from online forum/discussion and takes note about it especially tips concerned about safety matter. My hubby said, "semangat giler die!".. LOL!

Gosh, Times up! Have to go back now to fetch my kids from their daycare center. I'll try to post about my preparation for this mission of mine again soon.. And Nope, I won't spill out my destination until mission accomplished! To those who knew (Attn: Just), psstt, diam2 dulu ah!

To those live in Putrajaya, Labuan & Kuala Lumpur, Happy Holiday!

Note: Below Pic have nothing to do with the entry.. Seja2 mikirayou! HAHAHA!

Pic at genting last Sunday :P

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Contribution Needed For Orphanage

It will only takes a minute to be kind but the result will last forever.

Hi everyone! Today entry is about my personal petition for sincere contribution from anyone who might reading this entry. I am joining a charity event conducted by Nadia this coming February and here in this special entry I would like to humbly ask for your kindness to help us raising a fund to be contribute to Rumah Amal Kasih Bestari which is located at Kg Baru Subang.

All of you can read the detail about this Orphanage  here and how to channel your contribution here. You also can read the update about the contribution in Nadia blog (*this is not a scam!). 

Image copied from the Nadia's Blog

Any contribution, little or big amount are highly appreciated. Rather than giving RM1 to the beggar that we don't even know weather they really are people in need or part of those beggar syndicate, why not contribute it to this Orphanage that we know exist and really need our help.

We might not wealthy but I believe all of us have a big heart and sincerity to help this orphanage, to ease down the management burden and to make that happen we are appealing for your contribution to help them. We also grateful if you can help us to spread this message to people out there. May God bless you all for your kindness and compassion..

Friday, January 11, 2013

Now Or Never

Pic of the recent book I am reading (edited)
As people busy planning their upcoming CNY holiday, I am busy with my own planning to tick off one of my wish list this year as well... Since I am too chicken to travel as lone ranger to oversea, I decided to do it locally and it going to happen soon (*winking)!

I am always craved for challenge and activities that will give me a rush of adrenaline and my coming soon lone ranger trip gonna involved activities such as trekking, hiking and if there is any available; bungee jumping! Yay!

I m not going to reveal where I am going because everything is still in planning and I am still asking people around and searching here and there about the place I m going to, things to do there, hotel/motel/backpacker hostel I can stay and also how to move around there.

Some people might think I am selfish or crazy but I just want to make my dreams come true when I am healthy and have energy to do it. Being married with 4 kids doesn't mean I can't live my life to the fullest and make my own dream come true right? Before this I was too concerned about certain parties happiness that I forgot about my own dreams and happiness.. My kids are exceptional tho.. I also got a bad critic from my in law side but this time I just ignore their negative thinking because I know I am not anything wrong and I am doing all of this making my dreams come true project at my own expenses.. I don't want to live in regret when I know I can achieve one or two of my childhood dreams but never try or fight to make it real.. Semangat tomod tih (*LOL)!

That's all I wanna say for now. Tomorrow I am going to write a donation petition for this charity event I am going to join next month and hopefully will get some support/donation  from my fellow follower and also from those who stop by my blog. So, stay tuned for tomorrow entry ya!

Happy Friday & Happy Weekend in advance everyone!

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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Turning Point & Resolutions

It's 1st day and night of year 2013 already and tomorrow school session will start and my routine of waking up early in the morning to prepare the kids to school and daycare center will starting over again. No more waking up at 7.30am except weekends..LOL! Thank God, despite of few problem, kids school preparation went smoothly..

I have few resolution and goals that I set up for year 2013 but I am not going to reveal it because you know me...LOL.. But I really hope that I can achieve one or two of it by the end of the year (*finger crossed).

Image credited to

People said, at some point, when you have enough of those suffering life you been through because of others, you will find the strength to raise above and stand up for yourself. At this point, you won't care about what people think about you because for such a long time you been holding up yourself for their benefit, sacrificing your own feeling and happiness.

I believe everyone have or will undergo a turning point in their life and that also include me.. I am not sure where this turning point will lead me but I know that I have to do it sooner if I want to live happily without regret.. I am still in early stage of my new direction and lots of people may look down at me or worst may labelled me as selfish and stupid but someone had told me that nobody can judge us unless they have live and walked our journey. People may said that it's too late for me but I have faith that nothing is too late and it's better now or never.

Somebody talking riddles here huh(*rolled eyes)! Actually, what I am trying to say here is I am going to fulfill some of my dream i.e traveling to other country (*finger crossed). Most people trying to fulfilling their dream before get married and have kids whilst me doing it afterward..weird huh? Actually, I was too busy to enlarge my 'rakyat' before this beside that fact that I was financially can't afford to do it before. Well, still in tight budget but traveling once or twice a year won't do me harm, hopefully.. After working hard, we deserve to pamper/reward ourselves right?

Year 2013 will be more challenging for me because some aspect of my life will be change in near future. I pray that everything will be fine and I can keep my head up without regret or bitterness (*smile).

Well, may all of us have a happy and joyous life ahead in year 2013..Until next entry, good night everyone!


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