Thursday, December 4, 2014


I am just writing this for my record so that I can always remember by reading it on my blog. Who knows one day my son might stumble upon it (*smile).

Yes, I am very proud of my son over his recent UPSR result. It kind of surprised me since his result was over my expectation (sob..sob..) Well, how can I not surprised when he is one of those kid who 'addicted' to games ever since that fateful day. However I am grateful because despite of his interest over games, he still doing fine with study and among the top 10 in his class.

He is my helper at home; washing the dishes, cooking rice, sweeping the floor, folding clothes and taking care of his youngest brother. Yeah, I am one of those mother who taught their kids to do house chores from young age. My mother in law called it 'bully' but to me it's teaching them sense of responsibility and independent..Opsss, macam lari tajuk sudah saya ni..

Ok, to my dear son; congrats for the good UPSR result. Mama love you always. May God bless you with wisdom for the journey of adolescent and adulthood ahead you..

He was bit sad over his Science result.
Tada!! :D

Thursday, November 27, 2014


Oh yeah, I did my 1st 15KM few weeks ago during MAKNA FOUNDER'S NIGHT RUN 2014 and thank God managed to make it to finish line with timing around 2 and half hours (approximately). Yep, not a good PR but I still proud of myself because I keep on running/walking even when ITBS on my left leg started bugging me during 8km onwards. Actually I already knew that I am going to be as slow as tortoise during this run because the ITBS still not fully recover from my previous run (Larian SJ Hijau 2014), LOL!

2 of my friend Just and Lin also participated in 10KM of this run. We planned to meet up at there before the run start but we only managed to meet up at the finish line because they were not arrive yet when the 15KM flag off. I planned to run and catch up with them but I didn't stumbled upon them even after 10KM so I assumed they must be ahead of me. That was when I started to feel giving up and almost called for the mister and kiddos to fetch me but then I thought of the kids who waiting for me at the finish line and decided to keep going because I want them to proud of me. Kesian juga dorang penat-penat tunggu kalau tidak dapat tu medal, hehehe.

Later I found out that Just and Lin were only 1KM behind me through whatsapp. Ya, sempat lagi berwhatsapp kihkihkih! I was so happy to see the finish line and importantly the face of my waiting kiddos at the finish line. Cepat ma, cepat! Penat Eyas tunggu! Cheered my youngest soon after he spotted me reaching the finish line LOL! Here are few pics took on that night with my phone and also mister's phone. Only snapped few pics because mister and I need to feed our tired and hungry kids.

Pre-run picture :D
Adik Wadah who encouraging me to keep going when I almost gave up 
At last, ada juga pic gigit medal. Sorou poh!

Taking pic at one of the photo booth
Running is really fun but the pain alongside my left leg really is a killjoy. Am I going to stop? Nope, I don't think I am able to stop because just like I fall in love with yoga, I fall in love with running all over again. Though I may not born to be a long long distance runner but I still want to try running in half marathon (21KM) and also full marathon(42KM) once in my life..Ngehehehe!

Alright, that's all about my 1st 15KM run. Thanks for reading and have a great day people!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Larian Hijau SJ 2014

Wanna to post  about this before it become too stale. Ngehehehe! Kamu heran ka, teda angin teda ribut tiba-tiba seja buang tabiat joined aktiviti lari-lari ni..

Actually joining a run or marathon is in my to do list this year so I registered myself for this run as a training beside to familiar myself with long distance run before I join a marathon (half/full - *finger crossed).

Last time I joined a long distance run was like 12 years ago and it was 5km or 7km distance so 10Km Larian Hijau SJ 2014 on 28th September considered my 1st 10Km run.

With not much training beside the occasionally jog for 20-30 min around my apartment area, I managed to finish the 10km distance  in 1 hour 5 min! Yeah yeah, I  am very proud of myself! Later it was confirmed that the actual distance is 11.9km. No wonder saya rasa macam tidak pandai sampai-sampai. Rupa-rupanya lebih daripada 10km @_@

Actually I almost gave up and thought of quitting due to IBTS (Iliotibial band syndrome) on my left leg but I told myself that I can do it, that I can make it to the finish line and I did it, though I merely walking after  7km distance. Kaki rasa mau tercabut tapi puas hati sebab sampai juga garis penamat lol! 

Before you start wondering, yep teda gambar gigit medal sebab finisher medal only for top 20 seja. It's okay since I have 2 more upcoming running event this year and of course end of this 2 event I will definitely snap pic of me biting the finisher medal hokey (LOL). But seriously, I never really aim for the medal or the prize. My intention of joining this kind of event is merely because I want to do something that I never think I can do, beside completing my 1001 things to-do list(*winking).

Okay, I am done with this stale story. Thanks for reading!

Pre-running pic (^_^)v
Big smile because I was just 200 meter from the finish line
satisfaction smile
Tired smile..LOL!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Express From Zalora

Yeay! Zalora Express just made my day (^_^)v ...I put my order yesterday (around 11.45am ) and received it this morning at 11.15am. That's considered super fast hey because my previous order normally took 2 days to reach my place.

I been doing quite a lot of purchase from Zalora lately (*thanks to my boss for giving me all those vouchers) and thankfully with no fuss at all except for misunderstanding here and there that Zalora team resolved in a short time.

I am a bit down this week because of some heart matter *err, tiada kaitan dengan jiwang-jiwang punya hal kio! To kill that feeling I do what most typical women love to do; shopping !!

Jadi kurang la stress sia?? Yep, kurang sikit la...It does help distracted me from thinking too much hehehe.. 

Ehhh, macam lari tajuk sudah ni!! So better I stop now or lagi berbatu-batu menyimpang dari tajuk kihkihkih!

                               Thanks Zalora for the super fast delivery and Happy Friday everyone!
Express delivery - 2 thumbs up!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Never Say Never

Amaran! Kalau kamu jenis yang cepat muntah, bagus kasi sedia plastik kio..hehehe

I know it's late and I should be off to bed now since I need to wake up early yet I couldn't stop myself from updating about this small achievement. Errr, macam minta puji ja kan LOL!

Yep, I am still 'in love' with yoga and honestly it's part of my daily routine nowadays. No matter how lazy I am, I will still doing my 5-10 reps sun salutation daily. I normally practice the basic poses yet sometimes I do try those intermediate pose.

One of pose that I tried and failed countless time is the one-legged king pigeon pose due to my stiff shoulder. I thought it's impossible and I will never able to rotate my hands but I was wrong because by practising now I am able to grab my toes and rotate my hand, yay!! Sikit ja progress tapi itu perasaan gembira sampai tahap super suda.
One-legged King Pigeon Pose (Right Hand)
One-Legged King Pigeon Pose (Left Hand)
Still a long long journey for me but I am going to appreciate and enjoy every single moments because I find my healing & calming mantra through yoga. Oh ya, prayers to the Almighty God is number 1 tho :)

Learning yoga through vids posted online is fun and money saver but I really hope in near future I will able to attend classes and learn more about yoga  (*finger crossed)

Ok itu seja cerita mikirayou tengah malam buta. Sekian!

Happy Monday & Happy Working

Monday, September 8, 2014

All The Best Dear Son

Omo..Omo.. UPSR is tomorrow!! My eldest son is the one who gonna take it yet I am the one who is freaking out! Deii, dup dap dup dap jantung sia, nervous mcm sia yang mau pigi!

I been worrying about my eldest son academic achievement because he is not doing very well since he was in standard 4 (my fault for exposing him to online games) but I hope he is ready enough and I am praying that he will do all his best to get a good UPSR result.

However I noticed that he somehow inherited my 'trait' of doing last minute cramming (>_<) so I advised him not to over-do it because it might cause him to blank-out during examination. banyak-banyak trait, yang not so good juga si anak ikut (>_<). 

Apapun, good luck and all the best to all standard 6 pupils especially to my dear dear son :)
Ok, sekian luahan seorang ibu malam ini.. bisuk luahan seorang ibu gojes pula...hahaha!

Le son doing his last minute revision

Friday, September 5, 2014

Belated Birthday Of Mine

My God!!! I m another year older!!! Gentuo oku noh..LOL!

Thanks God for I am still alive up to this moment and blessed me with a good health so that I can look after my kids. 

I am grateful for everything I have; especially my 4 angels. Having them make my life more meaningful and colorful.

I appreciate everything ever happened because all of those have taught me to be wiser, stronger and shaped me to who I am now.

Being able to watch my kids grow up in happy environment and being able to do things I love to do is the best birthday present I ever want. Being with my kids and people who love me, that enough for me :)

Oh wow..macam karangan sandi2 suda, hahaha! Ok, sukup suda sia mimbobok sia rasa..
Good night and Happy Sunday!

Peace from Tunung's Clan :P

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Happy Eid Al-Fitr 2014

Hello blogging world! 
During this month of Syawal, I would like to wish all Muslims all over the world, (especially to my Muslims families, friends & relatives) Happy Eid Mubarak 2014. Let forgive each other for every single wrong-doing and mistake :) May all of us will be blessed with the light of guidance and faith.

Hopefully this special post from me will mark the new beginning of frequent post from me after 8 months of silence (finger crossed). 
kiddos and me at Teluk Gadong, Klang, visiting relatives from MIL side :)


Sunday, December 1, 2013

Hello December!

Yay, it's December already! I guess Christmas Mood is already ON and those celebrating already started their Christmas tree decoration. December always full with celebration because lots of couple tend to held their sacred ceremony of 2 become 1 during this festive month. Err, maybe it's just me who feel that way (*wink2)

I feel guilty because I been neglecting this blog for almost 3 months since my last post. I thought I m going to post more story/update since I already installed Blogger On The Go but apparently I didn't. I am such a lazybone hey? 

Well, I am going to post a snippet of my short trip to Hatyai last November SOON but for now let us just rejoice that we are still breathing and able to feel the festive month of December once again hey.

kiddos and me on eve of December after Satay Kajang Feast :P
Pic from Hatyai Trip

That's all for 1st Of December and till next post ya!

Monday, September 2, 2013

A Bit Of Everything

Hello everyone!

It's 2nd September already and I am taking this free hours of mine to update what's going on in my life (as if you care kan..ahaha) for the past 7 weeks.. Hurmmm, honestly not much happened tho but more baking and yoga..haha!

Let me begin my cerita basi with my fasting experience this year. Honest to say, I skipped many days  because of my gastric problem and also because of my high blood pressure that caused me to feel dizzy when my body lacking of water. Meaning I need water and fasting means I can't drink and my body cannot tolerate it. However I am really proud of my sons for completing their fasting month without fuss and I also applause for my daughter for her effort to fast (*smile).

Every  year for Hari Raya, I will buy 'kuih raya' from the shops, friends or my in law family but this year, instead of buying it, I planned to make it myself and walla, I managed to make 6 types of Raya cookies for my kiddos and also for their friend.

As for yoga, I am still practicing the beginner pose and trying out few advance pose in between. Improvement? Yeah, I am improving little by little, day by day but importantly yoga make me feel good about my body with all of those intense stretching and it also clear up my mind and chase away the stress. Compared with my other blogger friends, I am still far behind them yet I am in no rush because I want to do it at my own pace.

For more story, let the picture tell you more.. Errr, ketara betul malas kan, wakaka! 

2013 Raya Theme

Makan2 at Just's Place

Meet Belle in person for the 1st time - Nice to meet you mandak!
Mini open house at my place (I made all of those cookies in the jar..hehehe)  - This gang of mommies anticipate March '14 ;P

Makan2 at Lin's place

Belated Birthday celebration for my daughter - she was born on 28th August :P
My daily routine consist this fave pose of mine
Yay! I dare enough to do this without wall support :P
That's a bit here and there of my life and it might ordinary but I am content with it. I m trying to live my life to the fullest without worrying about what people think or say (especially those who always talk bad about me). 

Until next post people!

 “The more pressure that is put upon me to Fail, The greater my internal desire burns for Success!”
― Alicia Kirkpatrick


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