Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Day Trip To Alive 3D Art Gallery, Port Dickson

A week after my 2nd running event, kiddos, mister and me went for a day trip to Alive 3D Art Gallery at Lukut, Port Dickson. Kiddos were ecstatic because beside having a look at this new opened 3D Art Gallery it also means that we are going to jalan-jalan cari makan.

We departed from home around 12.30pm and arrived at Port Dickson around 2pm and had our lunch at the local stall near the Teluk Kemang Beach area. Food there was okay but quite pricey, so told le mister that not going to dine there anymore in future. Nasi+ikan+sambal terung kena cas RM10 terus makan rasa macam telan batu, grrrr! Luckily those tasty pisang goreng chased away my awakening bad mood, LOL!

However, the bad mood was back after knowing the entrance fee of the Alive 3D Art Gallery has increased from RM15 to RM20 for adult and RM10 to RM15 for children. My youngest height is below 90cm but he too subject to RM15 entrance fee, grrrr! Since kiddos was excited, bayar juga la with hope whatever inside worth it, hmmm. We have to take off our footwear (except sock) before going in and no need to worry because they provided us a locker to keep our footwear.

Overall it's a good place for photo-shooting with lots of 3D paintings/arts. To me it's not really an exciting place for kids because kids that have less or zero interest with posing and taking pics will bored easily at this place. Luckily my kiddos was so 'sporting' and well-manner that day but unfortunately our photographer a.k.a le mister was a bit grumpy due to the heat from the crowd of people in the building. Oh yeah, it was really crowded that day that it feel so uncomfortable to take photos because all those eyes were on you the moment you step on the shooting area and shooting point. Sudahnya, banyak gambar tak jadi, Huarghhh! (Note:-If you planning to visit this place, make sure you are with people who likes taking pics or photographing baru cantik-cantik nanti gambar kamu :P)

Spent around 2 hours inside before we got out and be free from those crowd. The money paid was not worth at all but kiddos were happy and well-manner jadi biarlah..We can always find way to earn  money but our kid smile is priceless kan..

Sharing here is pics from our Day trip:-

We were here :D

Add caption
yaii, sempat lagi berpoga, lol!

That's all for now, have a good day people :)

Monday, March 16, 2015

Malaysia Women Marathon 2015: 21Km Finisher

I participated in the Malaysian Women Marathon on 8th March 2015 and this time I went for the Half Marathon which is my 2nd Half Marathon. I hope to beat up my 1st half marathon times which was over 3 hours and surprisingly I managed to reach the finish line faster than my last half marathon, yay! ITBS occurred after 15km and onwards but not as severe as my 1st half marathon because I still able to slowly run and sprinted 200 meters to the finish line, hahaha! Happy? Yeah, I am indeed! Siapa pun mesti gembira kan kalau dapat capai target (*smile).

As always my only method of training is my 2-3 times, 30 minutes to 1 hour jogging before fetching my daughter from school or during weekend and I never really try LSD training. My longest distance while jogging is 6-8 Kilometers depending on my mood and tummy, LOL! Siapa juga buli lari kalau tu perut bergedang minta isi kan,hehehe. However, I do yoga on daily basis though I only practice easy and beginner  pose especially those that related to curing and strengthening the ITBS.

Okay, enough with my insignificant training method, errr it's not even a training actually kan. Kalau suka-suka seja ikut lari-lari mo kumpul medal memang teda hati mo buat proper training kali, eh kah it's just me, wakaka! Well, overall the event was a successful one ( to me) despite of few flaw here and there but nothing is perfect. I have a great and fun time during the run but I wish that my friends can join me next year (*finger crossed). Yeah, I will definitely run again in this event next year! 

Sharing here few shots of me from the day of the event and also the official result (mine) and pics taken at MWM photo booth at the race-kit collection venue:-
Before run posing :P
Happy face after completing my 2nd half Marathon :D
Holding my finisher medal or should I say finisher tag '_*
Awesome caricature
Tiny finisher medal that look like those soldier tag
Official result :D
Pic taken from Malaysian Women Marathon photo booth.
That's all for now and until next story, have a good day everyone!

Friday, February 27, 2015


This year, I spent whole Chinese New Year holiday with kiddos and mister; swimming at pool, visiting National Museum and Butterflies Park and also food hunting around KL - Shah Alam - Subang. Yep, just a common and typical super cheap a.k.a budget family holiday but it doesn't matter because for us it was our family bonding-time. Moreover we have so much fun, especially kiddos.

Kiddos really like swimming but unfortunately the swimming pool at our apartment has been closed due to unknown reason, grrrr! Since I knew that nearby beaches such as Port Dickson, Morib etc must be crowded, mister and I booked standard suite at Peninsula Residence Suite Hotel for a night so that kiddos can swim to their heart content and trust me when I said that they really mandi sampai lebam, bwahahaha! Thinking of extending our stay but cancelled that intention because the price has been hike up 150%!

We checked out, continued our journey to venturing around KL attraction and managed to visit 2 places; National Museum and Butterfly Park in the midst of the scorching sun, hahaha! Kiddos having good time inside National Museum but their non-stop question really got my nerves, hah! They were fascinated by the historical stuff that displayed there (*smile). The eldest balik-balik kasi related stuff he saw with 'The Picker' and 'Pawn Star' show. Haihhh, anak..

At the Butterfly Park KL, once again kiddos show their enthusiasm with the surrounding especially the butterflies. It was such a pure delight to watch them connecting to the nature and I am really glad that I decided to spend more time with them. By the way, my youngest is really the sissy one yet adorable, hahaha!

Okay, enough rambling now sharing some of moment captured during our cuti-cuti KL 11:-

Mi Familia (^^)
Kiddos fun time at the pool - mandi sampai lebam katanya, hahaha!
from Tunung Family with love :P
1st time bringing all the kids to the National Museum
Posing with the antique car in front of the museum
kiddos wish they could take away that Japanese bicycle..hahahaha!
Butterflies Map
The Queen & Princess in our small kingdom :P
Pride & Joy
I heart this pic & moment (^^)V
Selfie is a must (^^)
Pic of butterflies that I managed to snap with my phone camera
 That's all for now, keep smiling everyone!
In the end, kids won't remember that fancy toys or games you bought for them, they will remember the time you spent with them - Kevin Heath

Monday, February 23, 2015


RHB HALF MARATHON 2015 that held at Bukit Jalil Stadium on 8th February was my 1st running event in 2015 and it was my 2nd 10KM. I decided to do 10Km because I am not confident enough to do half marathon to start off my running activities in 2015. Moreover I did not train at all after my 1st half last year..Ngehehe!

As always I was a lone runner, running all by myself and enjoying the morning view along the running track/route at the Bukit Jalil area. But no worries, I am making a lot of new friend all along (*wink). The route was really challenging; steep hilly slope all along but miraculously my ITBS didn't flare up at all until I reached the finish line. I am still the slow pacer and my times still over 1 hour yet I was happy because I ran without any injures or pain despite of my lack of training.

Regarding the event itself, I think it was a very smooth event and punctual as scheduled. The organizer did a very good job and the volunteers really supportive.
It's 5am in the morning and a forced smile :P
Posing like running man before the run :P

Running to the finish line :D
Yay! I made it without ITBS :))
Screenshot of the official result; Yayyy!! I am ranked 71th :D

No matter what people think of me, I will keep looking for opportunity to join more running event in future because I just love how it make me sweat out all my tension from my system and the satisfaction I feel when I reach the finish line.

Alright, that all for now. Keep smiling people! Peace!

Monday, January 12, 2015


It's a hectic day yet I decided to write up my 1st entry for year 2015 just to ensure that my blog will be update at least twice a month . Yep, I set that goal because I want the passion of sharing my random thought over life and things around me flare up again. Kam langadon tomod dot mimbobok ih inan tih..bwahahaha! After saying goodbye to year 2014 few weeks back and still  got caught of new year mood, I am welcoming New Year 2015 with arms wide spread, ready to embrace all the successes(*finger crossed)  and failures(*touched wood), hoping that it will better than the past year.

In the past year, I've learned that we can find happiness in everything we do, so this year I want to spend more times with my family especially my kids because I realized that their smile and laugh is my source of strength and happiness. I also want to keep practicing yoga (though my pose progress ain't getting better) and keep running (though my pace as slow as a snail) because this 2 activities make me feel happy :) In between I will try to spend time with friends because they are important part in my life too. The hang out time will be less frequent than before since I will spend more quality time with my kiddos, but I will  try to hang out once a while to catch up with everything okay ging..Ngehehehe!

Last year I jotted down 3 goal I want to achieve that I managed to tick off 2 of them and for this year I add another 3 goal beside the 1 thing I haven't yet manage to achieve. I also planted a reminder to myself that I want to be a better version of me than 'me' from the past years since I knew I could never be perfect :)

That's all for now. Have a wonderful 365 days (minus 12 days) ahead everyone!

It's never too late to wish Happy New Year!
1st pic of year 2015 :)

Wednesday, December 31, 2014


In few more minutes as the clock will strike 12 midnight, we are going to say goodbye to year 2014 and I am taking this moment to reflect and be thankful for every single moment; sweet, bitter, bad or good, I have been thru in the past 365 days. 

One of many thing that I feel thankful the most is my yoga practice that exposed me to lots of yogis and yoginis all around the globe from Instagram community. Their words and real-life experience taught me lots of life lesson especially the true meaning of love that is forgiving, selfless and humble. 

All those tragedy that happened in my country i.e missing flight MH370, flight MH17, West Malaysia worst flood and latest is crashed flight QZ8501 have thought me to appreciate every single second we have with doing all good deeds and habits. 

Every moments in year 2014 will always in my heart and I am gonna say goodbye to year 2014 with smile, knowing that the memories made throughout the year will be cherish and the lessons gained will be appreciated.

Goodbye Year 2014!


Monday, December 29, 2014


I did my 1st half marathon 3 weeks ago on 7th December during PJ Half Marathon 2014. I never expect that I could finish it within 3 and half hours since I was still curing my ITBS from the last run. Yes, I honestly feel proud of myself for able to reach the finish line without any proper training and saddled up with ITBS problem. My knees was killing me and stairs became my enemy for few days afterward but it didn't marred the happy feeling for ticking one of my things to do list this year.

Though I was all alone by myself but the run was really enjoyable (minus the knees pain)  because I encountered lots of wonderful and encouraging runners all the way to finish line. I was also fascinated by few runner who able to run while pushing a baby stroller for 21KM and also those who able to run non-stop wearing fancy outfit. Jakunnya saya kan..Hahaha!

Regarding the event itself, I think it was a success except for few flaw that the organizer should take note especially water supply - not enough water for the runner at the last station. Water supply at the last 2 station was limited/not enough when I reached them yet there were like 50 or more runners behind me. Beside that I feel deceived by the organizer because I didn't received any goodies bag as stated in the registration form. I wouldn't mind if the run was organized for charity but it was not for charity so saya rasa tidak berbaloi bayar mahal-mahal..Grrrrr! Well, it's okay then. Next year I will think twice, nope 10th time before joining PJ Half Marathon..Hahaha!
Pre-run pic
Peace from Tunung at 16KM point
Yay! I made it!!
The result...hehehe

This event is my last running event for 2014 and I hope I can join in more running event in year 2015 (*finger crossed). That all for now and till next post ya!

Thursday, December 4, 2014


I am just writing this for my record so that I can always remember by reading it on my blog. Who knows one day my son might stumble upon it (*smile).

Yes, I am very proud of my son over his recent UPSR result. It kind of surprised me since his result was over my expectation (sob..sob..) Well, how can I not surprised when he is one of those kid who 'addicted' to games ever since that fateful day. However I am grateful because despite of his interest over games, he still doing fine with study and among the top 10 in his class.

He is my helper at home; washing the dishes, cooking rice, sweeping the floor, folding clothes and taking care of his youngest brother. Yeah, I am one of those mother who taught their kids to do house chores from young age. My mother in law called it 'bully' but to me it's teaching them sense of responsibility and independent..Opsss, macam lari tajuk sudah saya ni..

Ok, to my dear son; congrats for the good UPSR result. Mama love you always. May God bless you with wisdom for the journey of adolescent and adulthood ahead you..

He was bit sad over his Science result.
Tada!! :D

Thursday, November 27, 2014


Oh yeah, I did my 1st 15KM few weeks ago during MAKNA FOUNDER'S NIGHT RUN 2014 and thank God managed to make it to finish line with timing around 2 and half hours (approximately). Yep, not a good PR but I still proud of myself because I keep on running/walking even when ITBS on my left leg started bugging me during 8km onwards. Actually I already knew that I am going to be as slow as tortoise during this run because the ITBS still not fully recover from my previous run (Larian SJ Hijau 2014), LOL!

2 of my friend Just and Lin also participated in 10KM of this run. We planned to meet up at there before the run start but we only managed to meet up at the finish line because they were not arrive yet when the 15KM flag off. I planned to run and catch up with them but I didn't stumbled upon them even after 10KM so I assumed they must be ahead of me. That was when I started to feel giving up and almost called for the mister and kiddos to fetch me but then I thought of the kids who waiting for me at the finish line and decided to keep going because I want them to proud of me. Kesian juga dorang penat-penat tunggu kalau tidak dapat tu medal, hehehe.

Later I found out that Just and Lin were only 1KM behind me through whatsapp. Ya, sempat lagi berwhatsapp kihkihkih! I was so happy to see the finish line and importantly the face of my waiting kiddos at the finish line. Cepat ma, cepat! Penat Eyas tunggu! Cheered my youngest soon after he spotted me reaching the finish line LOL! Here are few pics took on that night with my phone and also mister's phone. Only snapped few pics because mister and I need to feed our tired and hungry kids.

Pre-run picture :D
Adik Wadah who encouraging me to keep going when I almost gave up 
At last, ada juga pic gigit medal. Sorou poh!

Taking pic at one of the photo booth
Running is really fun but the pain alongside my left leg really is a killjoy. Am I going to stop? Nope, I don't think I am able to stop because just like I fall in love with yoga, I fall in love with running all over again. Though I may not born to be a long long distance runner but I still want to try running in half marathon (21KM) and also full marathon(42KM) once in my life..Ngehehehe!

Alright, that's all about my 1st 15KM run. Thanks for reading and have a great day people!

Friday, October 17, 2014

Larian Hijau SJ 2014

Wanna to post  about this before it become too stale. Ngehehehe! Kamu heran ka, teda angin teda ribut tiba-tiba seja buang tabiat joined aktiviti lari-lari ni..

Actually joining a run or marathon is in my to do list this year so I registered myself for this run as a training beside to familiar myself with long distance run before I join a marathon (half/full - *finger crossed).

Last time I joined a long distance run was like 12 years ago and it was 5km or 7km distance so 10Km Larian Hijau SJ 2014 on 28th September considered my 1st 10Km run.

With not much training beside the occasionally jog for 20-30 min around my apartment area, I managed to finish the 10km distance  in 1 hour 5 min! Yeah yeah, I  am very proud of myself! Later it was confirmed that the actual distance is 11.9km. No wonder saya rasa macam tidak pandai sampai-sampai. Rupa-rupanya lebih daripada 10km @_@

Actually I almost gave up and thought of quitting due to IBTS (Iliotibial band syndrome) on my left leg but I told myself that I can do it, that I can make it to the finish line and I did it, though I merely walking after  7km distance. Kaki rasa mau tercabut tapi puas hati sebab sampai juga garis penamat lol! 

Before you start wondering, yep teda gambar gigit medal sebab finisher medal only for top 20 seja. It's okay since I have 2 more upcoming running event this year and of course end of this 2 event I will definitely snap pic of me biting the finisher medal hokey (LOL). But seriously, I never really aim for the medal or the prize. My intention of joining this kind of event is merely because I want to do something that I never think I can do, beside completing my 1001 things to-do list(*winking).

Okay, I am done with this stale story. Thanks for reading!

Pre-running pic (^_^)v
Big smile because I was just 200 meter from the finish line
satisfaction smile
Tired smile..LOL!


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