Thursday, September 24, 2015

Missing Him


Salam Eid Adha to all muslims. May this celebration bring happiness and barakath to all of us. Just want to warn you all to skip my page if you don't want to read soppy story because apparently this going to be one today.

9 years ago today, I lost my beloved father and part of myself that I always wish I am asleep for the whole September. I was born on September and I lost someone I love dearly on the same month. How ironic is that? Green Day's song "wake me up when September end" define my feeling well (*sighed).

People said the every wound will heal over time and yes, it will heal but it will leave a scar that will remind you a deep wound existed there before and you'll remember the pain you been thru. It will stop bleeding and the pain will subside slowly over time yet the memories will remain, forever stamped deep inside you mind and heart that will automatically replay with certain button.

Since 2006, 24th September will automatically remind me of what I lost on that day. It remind me of the pain I have thru since that day. It remind that he is no longer there at home waiting for me with his smile, he is no longer at the other side of the phone to listen to my whining and complaint of life, he is no longer there to back me up against those who hate me and importantly he is no longer there to advise and admonish me to stand up and fight back when I stumble and fall down in my life.

On this day I allowed myself to re-live the memories with him and then cry over it so that I will wake up the next day and days after with determination to make him proud of me.

Rest in peace bapa. I might be not as successful as others but I will try to become a better person, a good daughter, a good mother, a good wife and make you proud because I believe you are watching from above.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Family Day At Pengkalan Balak, Melaka

Assalamualaikum wbt.

Just want to share about family day (Mister family) that we attended last month before the draft become stale. Mister's sibling has been planning this family day/trip after the wedding of mister's brother on March. Although I am not part of their whatsapp group, my sis-in-law(SIL) always keep me on tabs on important news such as place selection, the date of execution and the theme for our family day. Pening ba saya ratus2 message come all in once bila on data/wifi. 

Our 1st choice was Desa Balqis Beach Resort but it was full on 29th and 30th August. So we opted for 2nd choice which is Pengkalan Balak and we choose to stay at Seraya Chalet. We all agreed to the blue theme and I am glad that my SIL heed my suggestion over using 'family day 2015' instead of 'family reunion 2015' on our blue-theme t-shirt. The T-shirt was cheap and I really like the material; soft and cool. It only costed RM68.80 for mister, me and kiddos T-shirt.

We drove from Puchong around 9.00am after having light breakfast of buns and milo and reached pengkalan Balak around 10.30am. Since the other family members just started their journey, we drove round and round looking for good stall/restaurant and choose this owned by an old man and have our lunch there. We ordered 6 plate of rice, 2 bowls of yummy asam pedas  ikan kembung (kuah is refillable), veges, fried chickens and 6 different beverage and it only costed us RM32. Super cheap and the food is delicious! Unfortunately I forgot the name of this stall (*sighed). 

The only pic I took at that time, LOL!
Around 2pm, the others arrived and we checked in to our room at Seraya Chalet. We booked 8 rooms in total at RM100/room which I considered cheap since it was peak season. We didn't start any games until 5.30pm because we were waiting for mister's eldest sister from Johor to arrive. Moreover it was scorching hot and  bit hazy that noon, jadi kami lepak-lepak, borak-borak sambil makan (lagi) makanan yang MIL masak dari rumah.

We are lucky because the beach was less crowded that we have the space to do all of those games created by SIL a.k.a the organizer. It was fun and hilarious games where we were divided into 4 group (adult+kids mixed). The guys cheated most of time (LOL) that the ultimate judge (MIL) find it hard to determine who is the winner. In the end, group who showed good cooperation won. Not much pic taken (by me) during games because I was busy having fun, hehehe!

Pics while doing games at the beach
Beside the games, I took the opportunity to do the banana boat rides with my sis-in-law and bro-in-law. The fee is cheap; RM10/pax with min 6pax per ride (approximately 15min). I was laughing hard for the whole ride because of my SIL keep screaming and 'swearing' every time we shouted 'fly' and 'terbalik' to the boat operator, hahahaha! Elan and Daniel also want to ride but mister didn't allow them to do so despite of green light from me. Hurmmm, kesian, nanti kamu besar sikit la baru main kio anak2.

Banana Boat ride
Incomplete 'us' - 2 is missing in action (sibuk mandi laut)
Mister's family
That night after Solat Maghrib and Isyak, we went for dinner hunting but end up with restaurant with terrible service and expensive with so-so foods, grrrrrr! We waited for almost 20min before the waitress took our order and have to wait for almost an hour before getting our food! Their excuses; short of staff. Duh, kasi tau awal-awal la ba kan. Lost appetite terus tu malam, grrrr!

Forced smile - Warning; Don't dine out at this restaurant!
After those horrible dinner, we continued with our family bonding time; random quizzes for kids, gift exchange for adults and lastly souvenirs/hampers for all of us. We keep chit-chatting after that and the others still chatting when I went to bed at 1am. Banyak betul gosip dorang, tidak terlayan saya mo dengar, kihkihkih!

Enjoying the night
The kids being asked random question about the family
Woke up early the next morning and have breakfast at nearby stall while kids went to play at the beach again. 3 bungkus nasi lemak kena bedal sebab terlampau lapar. By the time we checked out from Seraya Chalet, the haze was pretty bad so my family went back to Puchong while the others follow my MIL to her friend's kenduri. 

Overall, this family day was so fun and I think they will make this annual activity from now and hopefully will able to join it again (*finger crossed).

Family pic before bound back to Puchong + compulsory 'mikirayou' pose ;P
I heart this pic (^^) V
Oh well, hopefully this long post won't bore you all to death. Glad that finally I am able to publish this before my laziness strike. Until next post, peace!

Sunday, September 13, 2015

PJ HALF MARATHON 2015 (21KM Finisher)

PJ Half Marathon 2014 was my 1st HM and I participate this event once again this year because I want to improve last year finishing time. PJ Half Marathon 2015 was held on 7th September at Laman MBPJ, Petaling Jaya. It was my 5th HM (*wink2). 

We was late because some road being closed due to the event that caused us to take a quite a long detour to reach the event venue. Mister dropped me by the roadside nearby the starting point and I had to rush to find toilet because 21KM will be gun off in 20min.  I was just entering the toilet when they gun off 21KM runners at 5am and managed to sprint to the starting point 2-3 minutes later and joined the last crowd. 

The route was totally different and more challenging than last year. I enjoyed the run but those impatience cars, motorcycles and buses that keep honking at us at some congest point really a killjoy. I feel so thankful towards volunteers and police traffic who controlling the traffic for us because if they weren't there, (palis-palis) memang yang tidak penyabar langgar suda tu runners semua.

I was running with slow pace at average 12min per miles and made it to the finish line after 154min; better time than my finish time during PJ Half Marathon 2014. Am I happy? Of course! For an amateur runner like me who always lack of training, finishing a HM below 3 hours, I considered myself doing a good job(^^)V...Ba, jangan kamu muntah, ayat kasi sedap hati seja ba tu, ngehehe!

Okay, regarding the event itself; I think overall it was better than last year. The route is challenging and enjoyable (minus the barking dog when passing along the residential area and those impatience cars/buses/motorcycles), punctual and suitable starting point (at least for me), good traffic control and nice running t-shirt & finisher t-shirt for 21KM.

However there were also several flaw that the organizer should take note and overcome if they want to convince runners to join this event again next year. Firstly, they should increase the number of volunteer/support team at the water stations. Pity us because some of us especially those who run with large crowd, have to serve our own water that add 2-3min to our time. 

Secondly, they should be more considerate about providing wider running line for hundreds runner for I saw some runners almost got hit by car/motorcycle for accidentally ousted from the narrow line by other runners. 

They also should provided e-cert with ranking and finish time for 21KM and 10KM instead of paper cert that we have to fill up the details by ourselves and they should give finisher medal and light breakfast to all category since the fee was quite expensive. Blank paper certificate is so out-dated! Running event nowadays is getting expensive year by year (*sighed).

The certificate
Beside that, the organizer should design attractive medal instead of a simple plain one because this year medal is no difference than last year except for the size. Pardon me if I am rude but the medal is so boring, hehehe! Lastly but not the least, please add up the number of toilet at the starting/finish point because I had to queue up for almost 20min and missed the gun off by 2min, grrrr!

Okay, I am finish with the review of this event and sharing here few pic of me from the event:-
The medal, me at the finish line & me wearing the finisher t-shirt
Screenshot of the result
The only pic of me by freelance photographer, Maui. Can you spot me? :P

Friday, September 4, 2015

My 33th Birthday

Alhamdulillah, 33 years and Allah still give me the chance to breath, to witness His magnificent creation and importantly to give me the chance to become a better person. In my 33 years, I been thru lots of good, bad, sweet, sour, bitter and spicy experiences and undergo numerous kind of emotional changes that shaped who I am today and for that I am truly grateful.

Special present? Nope, I don't get any but kisses and birthday wishes from my kids and my mister is special enough for me. We are together, reunite and stronger hence the hurricane upon us is a blessing for me and I  couldn't ask for more. 

Special wish? Hurmmmmmm, (for myself) instead of wishing, I am praying for my little family well-being here and hereafter (Amin)! 

Errrrr, I also wish I will look young and slim forever like Amy Mastura, hahahaha! Just kidding okay! (^^)V

Rambled too much already and it's time to say Peace, No War!
Me few days before my 33th birthday

Saturday, August 29, 2015

My sumandak 8th Birthday

Memories of giving birth of her 8 years ago today still fresh in my mind. She came to the world without fuss, the easiest labor among 4 of my pregnancy. Initially want to name her Elysha Qistina but in the end change the name to Elysha Shaqina to honor her grandma (my MIL) request.

Being the only daughter and grandaughter (mister's side) she always playing by herself in her kingdom of fantasy. Sometime when she is bore, she will mix and getting tough with her male cousins, LOL! Hopefully she will have girl companion soon..

She is my dear shy and soft princess. Despite her flaw and menace, I love her to the moon and back. It's such a joyful journey to watch her grow up and develop yet I am scared for her at the same time. People nowadays are unpredictable that I couldn't say NO to those negative thinking creeping to my mind. A neighbor, a friend, a relative and even a family can harm our children especially a girl nowadays. How scaryt is that... May she will be always in Allah protection, Amin!

Happy birthday Shasa! Mama will always be with you and mama will always pray for your happiness, safety and success here and hereafter.

Sunday, August 16, 2015


After hibernating from running for almost 2 months, I joined Run With Us 2015 (which I registered 2 months earlier) organised by 21st Century Sport on 16th August, held at Dataran Putrajaya and gun off at 6.45am and 7pm for 12km & 5km respectively.

I have no target for this run except for crossing the finish line without any injuries because I have zero preparation/training during the hibernating period. As expected, I was struggling along the route to find my pace, pheww! Every now and then I will stop and walk because bernafas pun macam angry dragon suda plus berat betul tu kaki mo lari macam ada batu attached, ahahaha! Syukur Alhamdulillah, succeed at crossing the finish line without any injuries and got another addition to my running medal collection. 

Regarding the event, I think the fee I paid for worth the whole experiences. I give 2 thumbs up to the organizer for the smooth and successful event. They provided good number of water station and medical/aid volunteer, accurate distance marker, good quality of running shirt and finisher medal and also nice snack/breakfast pack. Will join this event again in future and will also recommended this event to my friend. 

Sharing pics from the event day:-
Pre-run pic; Sleepy & lazy smile
Post-run pic & Medal closed-up
The crowd of finisher
mikirayou pic, tehehe!
Pic from other source, credited to photopix
Screenshot of the cert for my record :P
P/S:- Congrats to runners who upgraded to marathoners! Hopefully I will have the courage and gut to upgrade in future, In Sha Allah...

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Spontaneous Raya Trip

Still going to rant about Raya 2015 :P

On 3rd Syawal, we spontaneously accepted SIL invitation to go to their place in Skudai although we have other plan but since we never been to her new home in Skudai/Johor Bahru, we thought that it was the right time to go. The journey took longer time than we expected due to traffic along the highway from Muar to Johor Bahru, we only managed to reach SIL place at 12pm after visiting few of her friends and relatives(from her husband side). I been to Johor Bahru before (with Just & Lin during our 1D trip to Singapore) but it was too during night time, so I feel a bit disappointed for not able venturing the city and its nearby attraction this time too (-_-). In Sha Allah, will arrange another trip in near future to appease those longing to venture and travel.

The next day, after kiddos spent some times with their cousins, we started our journey to go back to Puchong but before that we visited another SIL at Muar and have our shot of the delicious Muar Asam Pedas nearby her place. The place is so damn crowded with local and outsider feasting with the variety of food especially the Asam pedas. SIL's husband said that there is another good place for eatery experience with good price but time is not on our side since we have to go back to Puchong that day. Mister said Muar is not an interesting place but to me it is a place that worth venturing, well not only for it's simplicity but also for its foods people. So until next time Muar! Ngehehe!

SIL also went back with us that day, so we followed them to visit SIL's Husband relative who located at Kg Sg Rambai, Jasin, Melaka after stopping at the giant trishaw at the Muar border with Sg Rambai, Jasin. It quite fascinated the kids and well me too actually, hahaha! 

There are lots of Rambutan trees at the village of SIL's Husband relative that the 'monkey instinct' in me almost surface but I have to reign in myself from climbing the trees like I used to do back in my village. Kids were over-excited too and luckily the trees was inhibited by swarm of ants. That the only reason they didn't turned to ninja that day, lol!

After solat Maghrib, we resume our journey and Alhamdulillah managed to reach Puchong at 10pm after sending MIL to Semenyih (yep, MIL also tagged along with us to Johor). So overall, it was really a spontaneous, short and tiresome Raya trip ever but I don't mind because the kids a having good time, bonding with their relatives from their father side.

Kiddos and their cousins
landmark of Muar & sky high TV aerial that caught my attention
Candid shot of MIL & me while having/waiting our shot of Asam pedas
Rombongan raya..hehe
Rambutans are everywhere in Kg Sg Rambai, Jasin, melaka
compulsory 'mikirayou' pic with the giant trishaw :P
To be continued..hehehe!

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Eldest 13th Birthday

Actually son birthday was on 19th July and nothing extra-ordinary or happening event occurred but still, I want to leave some memory on this blog of mine for my own record. Took me sometimes to write this tho. Sibuk beraya ba kunun, hehehe.

This year, eldest 13th birthday fell on 3rd day of Syawal, so went to Subang Parade's Secret Recipe to fulfill his wish of not having any special birthday cake but to treat his siblings and him dinner at his favorite food outlet and have a piece or 2 of those yummy cake from secret recipe and also his favorite meal; beef lasagna. Syukur Alhamdulillah, this shy boy of mine memang tidak banyak permintaan (*teary eyes).

I guess every parent might have the same feeling I have now.. You know those feeling of dreading the moment that their kids grow up so fast and won't need them anymore.. Honestly, it's a wonderful journey to watch him grow up and develop but it's also scary because negative vibes and aura is everywhere around us and it make me feel like I have no enough eyes to watch over my kids especially my teenage boy. 

People said parent shouldn't be too over protective over their kids, that we need to let them mingle and explore the world so that they will able to stand by themselves but still to me it's something I won't be able to fully commit, not because I don't trust my kids but mainly because of the threat from the environment and people around them. Banyak kes yang unexpected ba sekarang (*sighed).

Gosh, don't want to turn this writing into soppy one, so to my beloved 1st born; Mama will always pray for your happiness and success in life and hereafter. Mama also pray that you will grow up into kind and responsible gentleman. Happy belated 13th birthday son, love you to the moon and back!

My beloved 1st born :D

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Salam Aidilfitri 2015

Oh my, how time flies...It's already day 6th of Syawal, can you believe that?! Am supposed to post this on 1st of Syawal but you know banyak betul aral yang melintang and glad that today (although it just a boring story of my ordinary Syawal celebration) I have free time to finally publish this.

Based on last minute voting (macam pilihanraya la pula, hehehe) this year my small family choose blue as our theme for baju kurung & baju melayu despite of my sulking face because I don't really fancy the color especially it's seem so striking to me. This year teda tempah baju kurung because I have this RM50 Zalora discount voucher from digi, so decided to use the voucher to buy my baju kurung from Zalora. Mo jimat ba,tehehe! Bought Mister and sons baju melayu from our the apparel shop nearby and noticed that there is major price increase of the baju melayu (same design & material, different color). Terasa juga la the difference sebab puluh ringgit juga (-_-). Darn GST, grrrr! Le daughter baju kurung is the cheapest, so the total price of our baju kurung/baju melayu still within budget. Ayat bikin sejuk hati, Lol!

On the eve of Syawal, as always I go to my MIL house in Semenyih to help her with syawal preparation since as always everyone will gather at her house on 1st Syawal before berkonvoi visiting families, relatives and friends around Selangor. On 1st of Syawal, we went to kiddos Atok Li (FIL) house 1st then only we went to gather at kiddos grandma (MIL). This been a yearly routine of mine for the past 13 years (*smile).

One thing I really anticipated on Syawal is asking forgiveness from everyone of our wrong doing that can give me some kind of relief and feel the burden of guilty and remorse lift from my heart (*sighed). Of course the for food lover like me, variety of food juga amat ditunggu-tunggu, hahaha! 

So I am taking this opportunity to wish all my muslim families,relatives & friends a blessed and meaningful Syawal. Let us learn to forgive and forget, be kind and generous to each other and count everything as a blessing. Salam Aidilfitri!

Blue theme :)
Family pic at FIL house
SILs and me
Somewhere in Meru, Klang

Saturday, June 27, 2015

Reach Out Run 2015

I joined Reach Out Run 2015 organized by IM4U 2 weeks ago and collected another finisher medal for 10KM. It was a last minute decision since I wanted to do one long slow distance before fasting month. Saya berhibernasi from any running/jogging activities during Ramadhan because I knew that my body won't tolerate fasting and doing physical activities. 

It was raining all the way from starting point to the finish line but I managed to improve my 10KM PB and I was over the moon for that. Maybe it was because I am enjoying the rain as much as the run, ngehehe!  Siuk ba main hujan sekali-sekala. Rindu terus sama kampung tercinta!

This is another running event that I would give 2 thumbs up for their smooth and fun event execution despite of the cloudy and rainy day that day. They provide portable toilet, good number of  water station, effective medical team and supportive cheering team and volunteers. I personally love the running tee and have no remorse for paying RM48 since it will goes to charity. However, the finisher medal design is too common ( to me) and can be more creative.

Oh ya, they invited artists too! I recognized  Zizan Raja Lawak, Joe Flizzow, SonaOne and Aizat doing the 100meter race. Joe Flizzow was right to my eyes that day and  I wanted to take pic with him but I was too shy!! Akibatnya melepas, grrrr! 

Sharing few pics from the day of the event:-

Post-run pic & the finisher medal close-up
Selife in front of Wall of fame where the organizer enlisted all those participate
Lepas berasak-asak, dapat juga snap 1 pic at the Wall Of Fame. Can you spot my name?
Other pics
Screen shot of the certificate - My PB, yay!
Running & Yoga are 2 things that keep me fit, healthy and stress free nowadays so it will be become part of my lifestyle. I might slow down but I will never stop because I just like how this activity blend in with my life.

Until next post, have great day ahead!


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