Thursday, December 30, 2010

Malaysia won the AFF Suzuki Cup !

Malaysian supporter gathered to cheer for the team
AFF Suzuki Cup is officially belonged to Malaysia after defeating Indonesia (2-4 Agg). I am happy but I am disappointed with Malaysia team because to me the winning seem like a lucky one. To my eyes they were not playing at their best last night! They are lack of trying to shoot for a goal and everybody is too engrossed to defend their goal post than attacking the Indonesia Goal post. If only they manage to maintain the 1-1 goal than the winning will be with style.

Last night Malaysian supporter including me were cheering for them and I am glad that they win though not in style and I believe Malaysian supporter knew that our young players have done their best.

Indonesia dominating the whole game since from the beginning. They keep attacking and trying to shot for a goal but maybe luck was not in their side while Malaysia keep defending their goal post! Maybe it was their strategy to deter the Indonesia player from having a chance to shot a goal but at the same time they were doing it without proper strategy that caused one of Malaysian defender to shot goal for Indonesia. I think Malaysia Goal keeper, Fahmi can catch the ball if only the defender didn't interfere.

However they still done a good job and deserve the winning since they work hard for it since the 1st match against Indonesia where they were defeated (5-1). I really admired the skill and courage showed by Malaysian goal keeper and the team should be thankful to him for saving quite a lots of  try from Indonesia to get through their goal post.

Congratulation to Safee Sali for winning the top scorer title! You rock man! Congratulation for the team for winning the Suzuki Cup! Though they didn't ganyang Indonesia support with numbers of goal but at least they win the cup!

I hope Malaysia team will keep on improving their performance and skill to ensure that they can fight a greater opponent in future. Nothing impossible if they work hard for it.

Also million thanks to Prime Minister, Dato' Sri Najib Tun Razak for announcing Friday as Public Holiday as a reward for winning AFF Suzuki Cup! We should proud because the games was shown live through ESPN channel 813 where the whole world might watching it!

Bits of news about Malaysia Winning :~
Malaysia clinche victory at the Gelora Bung Karno Stadium
Malaysia put up strong show to lift AFF title for the first time
Najib declared Friday a Holiday!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Thing Happened For Reason - Be Strong My Brother..

Midnight is time that I spare for myself to lay down staring at the ceiling and think back about my life. Last night all of sudden I was thinking about my older brother. He is going through a very harsh stage of life right now yet he never show his true feeling to any of us including my mother who loves him so dearly.

When I think about him I feel that I am luckier than him though my earning is far from enough to support my big family because he is so lonely. He have a good career with excellent salary but nobody to share all of those thing he have. He a daughter but his relationship with his daughter is altered because of the mother doing.

Recently during Christmas day, I was able to see him again after few year lack of communications due to my cowardliness and embarrassment. I am so happy to see him but I am taken aback with the longing look in his eyes when he played with my kids. At that moment I knew that he is in misery. I know about his problem through my mother but my brother tried to act that he is okay when I asked him about his life, his daughter and said he will going to see her soon.

Though I am not as close to him as my other brother, Peter but I loves him and adores him. Thinking of his condition wretched my heart. My father once said to me that everything happened for reason but I can't think a single reason on why should my brother life become complicated like this. I know he is stubborn and he even have a  tantrum but other than that he is a kind  guy and he deserve happiness in his life.

I prays that he will find happiness in his life. I am grateful because I still have my kids though things always find foul with me.. No matter what happen, I believe that God is watching over us all.. We only have to put our faith in God..

To my brother, please don't give up your hope and expectation in life. Things happened for reason. Our father will always watching over us from above. Remember, you still have us by your side and we will always support you.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Relaxing the Blurry Mind

3 more days before 2011 yet here I am with my blurry and mingling mind that just now I was staring to the monitor for quite sometimes, like I was frozen for a moment before I start to type down this entry.

Sometimes this condition happened to me because I am too engrossed with my thought on about how fast time passed by. My mind is trying to grasp this fact and I think it stop to function properly due to thousand of memory flashed back that I couldn't put it into words! My mind is like a mixed-up puzzle that I need to rearrange it back to get the picture back.

This condition also happened to me when I am too nervous or anxious about sometime that my mind will acted to block my nerves system that caused me to froze for a while.. Yes, it is really hilarious but that's me and I am used to it.. It's not a bad condition and I think 9 from 10 person happened to face the same condition as me.

Whenever this happened, all I have to do is ~ Take a deep breath ~ Think of the blue ocean ~ Think of My kids smiley face ~ RELAX~ and I will be okay few minutes later!

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Last time I celebrated this event is 10 years ago before I converted to Islam. Frankly, I misses to celebrate Christmas very much but please do not misunderstand because I just miss the celebration not my former religion. I misses the Christmas present giving, I  misses the decoration, I misses the family gathering on this event and I misses the foods!

I still celebrate Christmas but not as happening as before since here in Peninsular, people will eyes us suspiciously especially about this that concerned with religion. I have once asked a friend who asked an expert on thing like this whether it is wrong to me to celebrate Christmas with my family and I am glad upon his explanation that it is okay as long as I know the boundaries. He said that what matter the most is our faith in Allah and our intention on celebrating.

So, I would like to shout to the world especially to my beloved mother and families back at Sabah a very Happy Christmas! May Happiness and Grace bestow upon us all and peace and harmony spread worldwide!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

My Happy Ending!

Everyone want a happy ending! Everyone planned their life to meet happily ever after yet to me it only existed in fairy tales. Life is reality of love,happiness, betrayal,hurt,sadness and disappointment, so I always keep my life reality checked though I love creating my own fairy tales in my head.

I don't expect perfection in my life because nothing, nobody perfect in reality and even sciences proved that it is a fact that we should keep in our mind. To me, achieving some of my long-listed purpose and dreams are satisfying and good enough to be my happy ending!

Monday, December 20, 2010

From Internet Surfer to Novel writer =)

It feel likes been ages since my last entry..
There is communication error regarding to my company internet line and still on process of recovery.
I lodged a report to TM customer hotline (100) since last Tuesday and until now there no proper action been made except for their constant call asking us whether the connection is still got problem or not..

Working without internet really slow me down since I am used to do 2 things at the same times.. While I wait for any delivery order and invoices being printed, I surfed the net.. I also chatted with my online friends but since last Tuesday I feel like my world is boring without internet. Yes, I am able to do my task faster but i have nothing to do after I done everything..

I am writing a novel to fill up my leisure time nowadays. I always wanted to do so but keep post-phoning it. Now I have a lot of free time so I decides that it's time for me to do it..
I hope I am able to finish writing it..

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Balance Bring Forward

As far as I remember, i have so many purpose that unfulfilled and I keep forwarding it each year. It's really suck because I am 28 years old and i still have like 10+ purpose I've not done properly yet!!

I have so many expectation in my life! And maybe that's why it's really hard to fulfill every single thing I expect from my life especially after I ruined my own plan that I  planned during my teenage year.. I don't have anyone to blame for since it's my mistake. I have endured self-respect crash for some years before I got up one day, looking into my 1st born baby and said to myself that I must be strong, keep my head up and moved on with my life. Until then, my life purpose totally changed 360 degree because I have my kids future to consider with.

Nowadays, my life purpose mostly about my kids well-being and my dreams as well. I don't think I am ready to give up my childhood dream and I will make sure that one day it will come true before my life end..

Each year I am struggling and doing my best to fulfill every single purpose I have made and it's not as easy as people might seem. Being alone in metropolitan city that have no mercy on weak people and surrounded by money-greed people, the task is much more challenging and hard. If you are too weak and naive, you might allured into fulfilling your purpose by the illegal but easy way!

I am glad that I have my family moral support though they live far away in Sabah. It's enough for me to keep myself in the right path in fulfilling my dreams and purpose. Not once but over and over again people especially those i know online try to talk me into doing something bad but thank God that He gift me mind that can differ between bad and good. Although I have done mistake before but it doesn't mean that I will repeat the same mistake and I learn a lot from my past mistake!

Though I keep forwarding my unfulfilled dreams and purposes each year like a debt balance being forwarded I am proud with myself because I doing it the right way! It's might take quite some times to fulfill all of them  but I still believe that  I can achieve its.


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