Monday, July 1, 2013

Back Up Your Mobile Data/Media To your PC/Lappy Regularly!

Monday blues everyone? Honestly I am having one...

That's a reminder for those who tend to forget transferring or backing up their media (Pics / Audio /Video) from their mobile to PC/lappy/USB etc because you could never know when your mobile jadi sot-sot like mine yesterday..Huarghhh!!! All of sudden, I cannot open/view all of my pics/audios/videos stored in my Note and it keep saying that my USB storage is blank or there was an error in my USB storage. I cannot import or view anything even after I connect it to my PC. I cannot even took new pictures! My last resort is to reformat it but that means I am going to lost all of my valuable pics!! (*Sniff2)

At this moment, I am still mourning for my lost but that a lesson for me.. I don't really mind about the audio (mp3) because I still can download it but all of those captured moments had gone and it really make me sad. Well, lesson from now on, I will transfer/back up all of pics snapped with my Note right away to prevent this incident again.. I also downloaded dropbox app just in case I forgot to backup my pics again in future sebab saya go'oling betul ba..Almaklum, banyak wire suda putus..hehe! Any other apps suggestion for better and fast backing up?? Feel free to suggest ah sebab saya ni tidak berapa kalau pasal apps2 ni..hehe

I feel better after blurting out my sappy story here..Hahaha! Until next post, remember to back up your data regularly kio! Happy Monday and Happy Working ! Peace! 


  1. sia paham betul moy sbb sia pnya pendrive pun pernah corrupt. itu pendrive pnya contents sia keep for years, dr before kawin. pnya sakit hati sia. skrg ni, gmbr2 dlm hp mmg rajin sia transfer specially kalau blk dr trips or events.

  2. sia pun sama moy pendrive jd mcm just..uhuhuhu...

  3. adeH.. pernab blaku sm sa jg ni.. yg note2 sa ni la.. hbs ba gmbr baby sa hlg.. punya sa sedih.. sedih yg x besalah ba ni klu android. .mcm laptop jg kna format once In a while.. snang msk voris ba.. klu iphone x virua ni..

  4. emm banyak kali ni sy kena,tapi ndak juga bah ambil langkah langkah membackup. hem..


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