Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fate Is Part Of Life

Do you believe in fate?

I think most people believe in fate and yeah, I do believe in fate but do not surprise because there were people out there who doesn't believe in it. I knew one person that who doesn't believe in fate. He believes everything happened is based people choice that the outcome is people choices. He said that we can fight for our fate, that we can determine our fate.. Hurmm, I respect him but I just don't agreed with him in this point..

He said that my life became a mess because of my choice and I couldn't blame him for saying that (*sighed).. I still believe that it was fated that my life became a mess so that I will grew up and get strong. Yeah, for a decade I was struggling and became an eyesores for certain peoples but beyond that I am stronger and wiser than 'me' from 13 years ago.

Death also part of fate, isn't it? We can't choose where and when we going to die because it's already written in our fate and only the Almighty God knew about it. But that's my belief and I couldn't force him to accept something he don't believe.

That's a bit of my random thoughts for now and I also want to wish all Muslim all over the world a very happy and blessed Fasting Month! Be humble in everything we do. Peace! (^_^)V

Happy Wednesday and Happy Fasting!

Note: I am not philosopher and everything I wrote is just about what I felt and thought of ..

Just because Fate doesn't deal you the right cards, it doesn't mean you should give up. It just means you have to play the cards you get to their maximum potential - Les Brown


  1. Happy Ramadhan and selamat berpuasa moy! Jgn pikir bnyk aa.. ;p

  2. Selamat berpuasa moy.. Yalah hepi2 selalu ya.. jgn sedih2 ok :D

  3. Relax ko sis and Happy Fasting. ;)

  4. Well written sis.. I like. Fate.. is just all in God's hand. We can paint our fate, that's a diff story. You can plan for everything for your life, it's your effort, but at the end of the day God will put the right thing for you. If you fail today, it's a lesson, doesn't mean u must ended there. Life must goes on. It could be ur turning point.. :)

    Happy fasting sis. I know u are one strong lady :)

  5. I believe fate exists, but I also believe we can change it. Or even prolong it.

    The one thing that is not good about believing in fate is that, how do we really know what our fate is. Can we just say, oh because we are fated to be like that, then we just stay that way? There's no really way of telling what our fate is or will be, right.

    Well, that's what I think la. Hehee.

    Ok, why so serious. It's Friday, yo. Happy weekend, Tunung!


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