Friday, July 5, 2013

Baking And Yoga

July is here again, marked the beginning of 2nd half of year 2013. As I am writing this post, I am still a bit sad and  mad over certain incident because I couldn't believe that I am still able being kind and foolish at the same time for giving chances to person that I think won't able to change for better, ever (*sigh).. Well, I will get over it soon, as always..

For the past few months, major changes had happened in my life. I started to look at my life from different perspective and doing things that I never think I can do before. For examples, baking (*wink2). Yeah, at the moment I am so engrossed with this new activity of mine and I never thought that baking is so much fun especially when the intention is for my kids big appetites. Yep, my kids might look skinny like their mom (ok, silakan muntah dalam plastik..ahaha!) but believe me if I said they ate quite a lots!! My 2nd son paling kuat makan!  So far I had tried 4 recipes; Oreo cheesecake (baked), blueberry muffins, Chocolate cupcakes and vanila with chocolate chips cupcakes and I am eager to try many more.. Well, berangan konon mau buat kuih raya sendiri juga but we will see la..ahaha!  

Beside that, doing yoga is one of my free time activity nowadays! Jangkitan berantai dari sis Wyne ni..ahaha! Honestly yoga seem easy-peasy but try it and you know it's not as easy as it look especially for person like me yang tulang karas! It's fun doing it and call me crazy because I even do it in my office in my working attire.. nasib baik lone ranger dalam office jadi tidak kisah la kalau nampak santut pun..wakaka!

The not so perfect camel pose - my fave pose but still unable to do it properly - Ewwww, tapak kakiku hitam banget!!
 That's a sneak-peek of my ordinary life :) 

Until next post, Happy Friday & Happy Weekend In advance..Peace!

Note : I am not PRO with both activity so no mean critics allowed ok :P


  1. Jangkitan berantai paling bahaya hahaa! Do yoga sis abd you'll feel much better. Biar la hitam tapak kaki mu...asalkan bahagia haha!

  2. nda buli jadi ni... bila la sia buli grab toe ni!! huhuhuhhuuh

  3. wah..semua main yoga ja skrg nie.. nda buli nie sia pun mo cuba la..hahaha


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