Sunday, May 12, 2019

It's More Than Words


Today my social feeds are all about Mother's Day; wishes, greeting, pictures etc which enlighten my day but make me envious as well. Yep, reading those feeds give me such joy but at the same times it make feel like I am a bad daughter. 

In my almost 37 years of life, never once I celebrate Mother's Day with my mother. I never bought or give anything special to her on Mother's Day. It sound like I am such a ungrateful daughter isn't it? Well, I did feel like one before but not anymore because I know how much I love my mother, that no words not even a special day can best describe the depth of my love towards my mother.

Living my life happily is the best gift I can ever present to my mother because my father once said this to me "the best thing a children can give to their parent is to happily live their life to the fullest ; doing good deeds while achieving their life goal". 

Dear mak, my love for you is more than words can describe because it's endless, infinity. I can't never repay everything you have ever done for me.

Happy Mother's Day and Thank You For Everything Mak! 

My Mom and Me :P

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