Monday, December 31, 2012

Summin' Up 2012 - Happy New Year 2013

In less than 4 hours, year 2012 will be ended and New Year 2013 begin and as I 'stealing' time to write this down, I re-play & reflected all the happy, sad, sweet and bitter memories along year 2012 in my mind with a smile and grateful heart because against odds, I managed to fulfill some of my goal that I been set - getting my driving license, settling few debts, bringing all my kids to my village, rewarding myself with smartphone & driving here and there by myself.. Yay!

I even managed to have my own car which I planned to buy next year (*smile ear to ear..LO).. Yes, many other things happened unexpectedly but still I am thankful because all of those things taught me to be stronger and wiser woman..

As a conclusion, year 2012 had been good and fruitful for me despite of the few unhappy things. Well, life isn't a life without bit of obstacles here and there to color and spice it up, right?? 

Yeah, as many years before, since I was in secondary school, I will set up another resolutions/goals for me, hoping that the next 365 days will be nice to me and I will able to achieve 1 or two of my goal (*God willing)..

So, I wish all my families, relatives, friends and to all people all over the world a very Happy New Year 2013. May the New Year 2013 will bring us happiness, joy, prosperity and peacefulness all over the world.

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That all for this last entry in year 2012... Until next entry in New Year 2013, Happy New Year everyone! Wherever you people going to celebrate this New Year, remember to drive safely, Don't drink & drive..

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas 2012

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To my beloved families. friends and relatives back in Sabah and also to all people all around the world who celebrating Christmas, I wish you all the peace, joy and love during this season and let the spirit of love, charity and compassion fills up our heart. May this season celebration spread the message of peace and harmony all over the world. Merry Christmas!!

Friday, December 21, 2012

When 'Chickenpox" Attacking

I guess everyone are busy talking/writing about the so-called 'end of world' which apparently not going to happen today (21.12.2012) but not me because I never give heed about this matter since I know that no human could ever know when is the end of world except God. It's not that I am arrogant about this matter but it's beyond my power/knowledge, so there is no use for me to predict/speculate about it but be thankful that I am still alive each morning I wake up. Well, enough with my two cents about this and back to the point of this update (*lol).

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So it's true then.. When 'chickenpox' attacking your kid, your routine gonna change 180 degree! Yep..that happened to me recently when the my youngest boy (Eyas) and his sister (Shasa) got chickenpox and hopefully my other kids immune of it already (*finger crossed)..

I brought  Eyas and Shasa to my office for almost 3 weeks and it did effected my work because taking care 2 sick kids while doing your job is that easy but I prefer that way instead of worrying all the time about them. I am so grateful because I have a very considerate employer who doesn't mind me bringing the kids at my office. May god bless you and prosper your business, boss!

Luckily it's school holiday or else my routine gonna change 360 degree! lol.. Actually, Eyas and Shasa already recover from the chickenpox now and my routine back to normal now (*thank God).

Christmas is around the corner and as it approaching, I couldn't help myself from missing my family and the Christmas celebration back in my hometown. It's been a while I never back at my hometown during Christmas (*sigh).. I am thinking of putting up a Christmas tree in my house here in Puchong but have to cancelled it because "some people" might get the wrong impression.. I miss to be in Sabah where people are more open-minded and not too skeptical about everything...

Darn.. I am out of topic already! LOL.. Anyway, that's all for now and until next entry people.. Happy Friday everyone!

Monday, December 3, 2012

Hit & Run & Welcoming December

Yay! It's December people! 21 days before Christmas and 28 days before new year hey! I guess those who celebrating Christmas must be busy setting up their Christmas tree right?

Actually, I just want to share another stale story regarding my car a.k.a my new baby..what a boring entry to welcome December huh (*LOL). 10 days ago, my car was hit and run while it was parked neatly at the parking area. Somebody hit my car while she/he tried to park beside it.. Yeah, it happened during night time or early in morning while everyone sleeping or busy to start the day. We didn't know for sure who did it but we kind of suspecting the owner of the orange Gen2 because his front bumper was badly scratched but we can't say anything since no witness and our suspicion only based on the pint of orange paint on the damage.

Yeah, it was a sad incident and in fact, i was mad because though I am just a noob driver but I always make sure I won't hit other people car while trying to park my car. However, I am grateful because it was just a small dent not a big damage. Well, I already repaired it and it cost me RM150...! There go my budget for books hunting this coming Saturday (*sigh).. Apparently, I need to put aside some budget for my car just in case emergency things like this happened (*touch wood)..

Ok, I am done with this pathetic stale story..Until next entry, Happy Monday & Happy Working everyone!   

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Driving Across KL To Visit CathJ

I know this story is kind of stale already but I still want to share it since it was my 1st experience driving across KL all by myself tau (*wink2).. Yeah..yeah.. for a pro driver it's sound ridiculous and mikirayou but for me the 'novice' driver, it's big thing (LOL)!

2 weeks ago, Just whatsapp me to ask whether I wanted to came along her, visiting CathJ (who diagnosed with Braest Cancer stage 3A) on Awal Muharam holiday and I said yes, though it depend on the weather actually. The next day, I woke up late and it was raining but I am persistence to go because I was too excited about meeting another blogger friend! I been to Just's house twice but being the unobservant me, I cannot memorized how to go there, so I was depending to the Waze apps (thanks to DC who taught me about it) and guess how long it took me to reach Just's place?? 2 hours!!! I was driving round and round for an hour before I stopped and asked this good guy who drive me (with is own car) to the right direction (*LOL). Cannot rely too much on navigation apps/GPS (@_@). Just and me planned to visit CathJ on 12-2pm visiting hour but due to my late arrival, we have to change it to 5-10pm visiting hour. Sorry moy, tergendala terus plan ko mo baking kan. 

It was my 1st time meeting CathJ face to face and I am happy that I managed to visit her with Just to support her in her journey to fight and be free of Breast Cancer. She look vibrant and cheerful despite if her illness. Keep up the cheerfulness Cath! You all can read about her journey ---> HERE

CathJ, Just and me :D
So, how was the feeling of driving across KL for the 1st time by myself? Nervous? Of course I was nervous and scared at the same time but it worth it since I was doing it to show my support to my sick friend even for a friend that I meet for a 1st time (*Smile).

That's all for now.. I have 3 - 4 stale story/draft I need to finish up and publish while my 'kerajinan' still intact (*rolled eyes)!

Happy Thursday people! 

- You may also read Just's post about this visit HERE!
- In case still in process of upgrading, you may go to her TEMPORARY BLOG to read of her journey to fight & survive Breast Cancer :D
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Monday, November 12, 2012

My 1st Brazilian Waxing Experience

Yes, I did my 1st Brazilian waxing on 20th October after years considering about it and on the dare of my friend and yes, this time I really did it unlike my last post about 'Date With Honeypot Wax Boutique' where I already set a date but in the end I backed off because I am too coward, plus too self-conscious to do it..

This time I got a voucher to do Brazilian Waxing at Bubble Gum Wax (The Waxing Expert). I don't need to explain what Brazilian waxing since everyone knew what is it about even guys know it because the process can be done to them and known as Boyzilian Waxing (*wink2).. Honestly, when I reached their place, I feel so damn scared and nervous because I heard that it's really painful for 1st timer (@_@). The girl who is waiting for her turn to be wax explain that it's like threading with a bit intense pain but depend with the thickness and width of our private area.. Hearing this, I was kind of erkkkk, pingsan.. since my hair down there is so thick (*blush) because I shaved it constantly.. I almost trying to find an excuses to back off but couldn't do so because it was my turn!!! 

With heart beat fast, I just went through it and an hour after that I walked out from Bubble Gum Wax premise, feel like a Goddess (*smiling).. Was it painful? Well, I am not going to lie because it was painful but the experienced & qualified therapist, it's bearable actually. Moreover the girl who did my waxing really are friendly and chatty that help to distract me from feeling the pain.. 

Unlike shaving, waxing did slow down the growth of my hair down there because it's been 10 days since I did my Brazilian Waxing yet the hair down there just show a bit and no itchiness at all! Am I going to do it again?? Of course I will and in fact I already set another appointment with Bubble Gum Wax (The Waxing Expert) next this month for another session of waxing..Yay!

So, gurls and guys, if you want to experience your 1st Brazilian waxing with less pain, I recommended Bubble Gum Wax because I been there and went through the waxing session and from now on, they will be my waxing parlor because I am satisfied with their services.. My shaving razors went to 'tong sampah' right after I did my waxing.. 

Here is some of pics I took during my visit to Bubble Gum Wax (The Waxing Expert).. Please ignore the poor quality because it was taken by 'noob' photographer with phone camera only (LOL)!

Front desk

I like the simplicity

The equipments for waxing - sorry, poor quality :P

Again, I like the simplicity

Snapped after I lay on it :PP

The ladies of da House.. :DD

My .... And Me.. :P

Find them at:-
Bubble Gum Wax-The Waxing Expert:
F-1-7, Block F, Plaza Damas,
No.60 Jalan Sri Hartamas 1,
Sri Hartamas, 50450 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: +603 6211 5038

Business Hours:
Monday - Friday: 11am - 8pm
Saturdays: 11am - 6pm
Closed on Sundays

You may also visit and like their Facebook Page for new updates and promotion ----> HERE

That's all for now.. Until next sharing ya!!
Happy Monday you all!

Monday, October 29, 2012

It's Been A Month Already

Hello everyone!

Actually I was hesitant to post about it because I don't really like to show off but I think it's okay if I just want to share the feeling of owning something we want for a long long time (^_^). 

On this day a month ago, a significant event took place: I got my very 1st own car, yay! The feeling?? Well, imagine the excitement a girl can feel when she get her most wanted doll...That's exactly how I feel that day, plus the nervous feeling and also the alertness of adding another chapter of debt in my life.. There were lots of obstacle during the process especially when my suppose to be guarantor back off (during my 1st application with a 2nd hand car). I was devastated and almost gave up but at some point I do understand her situation and I am not mad at her at all. Then I tried my luck one more time and this time I applied loan for new car and thank God, it was approved!

My Car Key

Some people might think that owning a car is just a sign of luxury life but to me, it no longer a luxury but a need, especially when you are working in area where no public transportation available like me (T_T).

I been driving by myself for a month now except for the 1st week, where my husband became my guide, driving in front of me to show how to tackle the traffic along the way to my workplace which is pretty challenging to me. Thank god, I survived the 1st month, except for one minor incident where I 'bergesel' with other car (@_@). Hopefully my driving skill will improve with times and I can drive to other place than Puchong since for time being I only dare to drive around Puchong and the highway to Semenyih where my MIL lives..

Well, that's all for now... Happy Working and Happy Monday everyone!

 P/S: Sorry, I won't post the pic of my car because MIL said it's not a good idea.. Myth huh?

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Stale Story: Threading Session!

Hello everyone!!

Yeah..yeah.. I know it's been a while I haven't rambling like mad-woman (*rolled eyes) in this blog of mine. I tried many times to write something in this blog but all stuck midway because I was not in good mood of blogging (*sighed). I am jealous with all of you out there who is consistent in  posting a new entry every day! How you guys do that???

Too many draft became stale already but I decided to finish this one and publish it because it was a very happy day for me.. So, bear with me okay.. Basi pun basi la....LOL!

Last month, Just and me went out once again..Yeah, it's our 2nd outing together and this time our goal was to do the threading thing (^_^). I been heard about this process but never done it before and I was excited to try it (LOL). We did not go straight to the place because we 'meyukat' the BB Plaza and Sungei Wang Plaza 1st before heading to our goal destination..

Just & Me before threading session

I was watching the girl doing her task..hehehe!
Kupi2 time before back home

So, was it painful? Nope, not at all! I think being pinched is more painful than threading.. I did upper lips and eyebrow threading and it cost me RM25..You can check the saloon price here, if you wanna try to do threading..

I am done with this post.. Till next staled entry! LOL!

Happy Saturday everyone!

P/S : Picture all snapped by my fellow blogger friend, Just... Thanks ya moy, next time let's do it again! LOL!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Happy Eid Ul-Adha!

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Happy Eid Ul-Adha to all my Muslims families, relatives, friends and also to all Muslims all over the the world!

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Booting Breast Cancer Out!

I always wanted to join a campaign/charity event that related to pink ribbon community/causes and finally this year I got the chance, not only to spread the news of this event but also to join the event; Kiss Goodbye to Breast Cancer Charity Walk by Avon Malaysia which is held at Putrajaya, Precinct 3 on 23rd September 2012.

Arrived at 7.00am, it was such a  great feeling to see thousand people wearing pink outfits/preps from all over Malaysia gathering together to show their support in this Charity Walk that aims to raise awareness among Malaysia citizen the importance of Breast Self Examination for early detection of breast cancer.

I was more amazed to see numbers of breast cancer survivor attended this charity walk with their vibrant and energetic attitude despite of what they been through. They are truly an inspiration for us who keep grumbling and giving up when trivial problem arise. One of this breast cancer survivor is my fellow friend, Just which I been reading and following her journey in fighting & surviving breast cancer from the A to Z. 

Photo by DC
She's one of the survivors..Proud of you moy!
The eager crowd, the start & finish line

The walk started around 8-9am and throughout the journey of 5km walk with 5 station in total, we were entertained and cheered by eclectic mix of groups and not to forget all of those 'catching' placards!  
Just and me were together all the way from the start to the finish line of those 5km walk. We were among the last finisher so yeah, we  missed the pink ribbon formation, a sharing by breast cancer survivor and presentation of donation cheque amounting to RM50,000 from Avon to Breast Cancer Welfare Association and Pink Ribbon Wellness Foundation. We were taking our time chit-chatting, snapping pics here and there so it was no wonder we took an hour and half to get to the finish line! LOL.. By the way, I also managed to take pics with Soo Wincci & Intan Ladyana! Yay! Thanks Just for being my photographer..hehehe!
Soo Wincci & Intan Ladyana :D
Walking for good cause!
With one of the survivors pageant a.k.a my fellow friend :D

 Though we missed some of the events but we were there to witness the finale of this Charity Walk which is "Go Bald" Session with Micheal & Guys, where one of our fellow blogger friend, DC volunteered to undergo the shaving session. Bravo DC and all of those who volunteered!  This session purpose is to seek support from the public to understand how breast cancer feels when they lose their hair during the treatment.

He was too happy to get shave for good cause!

Just, DC and Me!
It was indeed a very successful events and everyone who participate the walk is now apart of the Malaysia Book of Records for the Largest Participation Breast Cancer Charity Walk in Malaysia. I really hope that our participation and involvement in spreading the breast cancer awareness going to be a continuously responsibility, not bound by this events only. From time to time, lets keep reminding each other about the importance of performing regular Breast Self Examination (BSE) for early detection.

Snapping pic together with Jess
I am taking this opportunity to give my special thanks to Just and Jess for informing and inviting me to this event.. So, women out there, don't forget to do your BSE regularly okay!

Monday, September 24, 2012

I Miss You Daddy

You never said “I’m leaving”
You never said “goodbye”
You were gone before I knew it,
And only God knew why.

There are no words to tell you
Just what I feel inside
The shock, the hurt, the anger
Might gradually subside

A million times I’ll need you
A million times I’ll cry
If Love alone could have saved you
You never would have died

In Life I loved you dearly
In death I love you still
In my heart you hold a place
That no one could ever fill

It broke my heart to lose you
But you didn’t go alone
For part of me went with you
The day God took you home

Things will never be the same
And although it hurts so bad
I will smile whenever I think of our memory
I will smile whenever I hear your name
And be proud you were my Dad.

This beautiful poem is dedicated to my beloved deceased father (30 Julai 1939 - 24 September 2006). Rest in peace bapa, you will always in my heart and prayer.

Poem credited to

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Kiss Goodbye To Breast Cancer Charity Walk 2012

After a very long 'break' from blogging, here I am with my 'come back' sharing that you, yes especially YOU (WOMEN) should know and support by simply participating or sharing! 
Before that, tell me, when the last time  you done your breast self examination (BSE)?? Lots of people still not aware the importance of BSE in order to detect the early symptoms of breast cancer, the #1 killer in Malaysia and #1 enemy to all woman around the world and also the importance of practicing healthy lifestyle, proper diet and regular screening to avoid from the risk of getting breast cancer.
In conjunction of the Avon Breast cancer Crusade 20th Anniversary, Avon Malaysia is joining more than 50 other countries in organizing a charity fun-walk called :-

  Kiss Goodbye To Breast Cancer Charity Walk 2012


Date : 23 September 2012, Sunday
Time : 7am
Venue: Front of the Palace of Justice building (Presint 3 Putrajaya)
Fee: RM40 (Buy 5 tickets and get 1 ticket for free)
 Goodie bag:Worth RM80 (includes T-shirt, Bandanna, Bag & Hand fan; Rebate for Avon's products and goodies from Kleenex and Kotex; Lucky Draw; Mystery Gift (Limited Edition) and many more

Registration:-  at or tickets are available at all Avon Boutique (list of boutique is available at
The event aims to create awareness on breast cancer early detection. This charity event targets to create a new record in the Malaysia Book of Records; for The Largest Breast cancer Charity Walk. 

The event is endorsed by Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development, in collaborations with Putrajaya Perbadanan, Lembaga Penduduk & Pembangunan Keluarga Negara (LPPKN), Perbadanan Putrajaya, Kleenex, Kotex, Nestle, Milo, Lai Printing Sdn. Bhd, Amerlink Enterprise Sdn .Bhd, Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, Semasa KL Sentral and Marriot Putrajaya. FYI, nett proceed of this event will go to Breast Cancer Welfare Association (BCWA) and Pink Ribbon Wellness Foundation! 

So, what are you waiting for?! Participate and who know you might walk side  by side with our local celebrities like Scha Alyahya, Noor Neelofa, Soo Wincci, Fizo Omar, Linda Jasmine, Que Haiddar, Maria Tunku Sabri, popular radio DJ Jeff, Leslie Chai, Alan Yun, celebrity Master Chef Datuk Fazley, footballer Safee Sali and many more! Beside you can have the chance to be pampered at the Avon experienced booth with free skin consultation, make up tips, foot massage etc. 

For more details, call Toll Free at 1800-22-AVON(2866) or visit Avon Malaysia's Facebook Page

 To all my blogger friends, who want get free participation, you can head to and leave your name, url & email at the comment section.

Everyone, let show our support by participating! If you can't participate then show your support by spreading about this charity event and inviting your friend to participate!

                                 LET US WALK TOGETHER FOR A GOOD CAUSE!



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