Sunday, February 27, 2011

" Saya Nak Join Bloglist Nellt The Strange "

I was tagged by the gorgeous Dev to join this contest and for that I really thankful..
I am kinda of enjoy being tagged.. hehehe.
For the past few day, I am incapable to write good entry because lets say my mind is fully occupied and no room to think about posting new entry.. otak mo kena reboot dulu kali..
So being tagged by someone really freshen up my over-heat mind.. hehehe..
So, lets check out the contest below okay :-

# Copy BANNER yang Nelly dah sediakan dan linkkan ke entry ini. ( Done )

# Paste kan kat entry, dan buatlah entry ringkas bertajuk :  (Done )
"Saya nak join bloglist Nelly The Strange" 
# Yang belum FOLLOW, sila follow ye . . ( Followed )

# Korang pilih nak masuk kategori mana : Otai , Sempoi , Cool ( I choose Sempoi )

# Tinggalkan link anda kat ruangan komen entry ini. ( Okay )

#Tarikh tutup: 29 MARCH 2011 

#Tag dekat 3 orang ok  . . ( I tagged Jujie , G'bits & Fadzmie )

Gotta go now --------------> to inform those 3 people that I tagged them =P


  1. waaa. thanks for the tag. will do it ASAP! :)

  2. ^_^ I am happy when u're happy! Yay! heheheh

  3. Hello Haryati, I love your name. It's a beautiful name.
    Was at Dev's place noticed your name and busybody over.
    Best wishes on the contest.....
    Have fun and keep a song in your heart.
    Have a nice day,


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