Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Positive Thinking!

That what I been done to kill my frustrated condition last Sunday! When I went to my driving class last Sunday, I keep saying to myself to think positive, that I can do it and yes indeed I can! I executed the going down slope successfully though I need more practice to do it smoothly! I will never doubt the power of positive thinking anymore! =P

Image by positivethinking-toolbox.com
Honestly, I been doing this since 11 years ago when my life turned upside-down and it has become some kind of amulet to me every time I make a mistake in my life. Whenever I realized that I have done a mistake, small or big one, I will try to console myself from breaking down by thinking positively that the mistake happened for reason, that everything will be alright in the end. Sound like I am making an excuses right? Some people even said that doing this doesn't help at all! But, to me I need this to prevent myself from stress/depression that might effect people around me since I am a person that can stress out easily even over a small matter and of course I do it with reality intact okay since we live in real world not in fairy tales..(*smile)

However it doesn't mean I always think positive of everything since on some matter I do have to think realistically. What I am doing preaching all this stuff when I knew all of you already know the power of positive thinking?? Stale topic suda ni Tunung!! (*mentally slapping myself)

Stale or not, I want to have my say too and I am done now! Until next post, have a nice day everyone and don't forget to THINK POSITIVELY! Peace no war.... (^_^) v 

Saturday, January 28, 2012


Image credited to Mr. google
That exactly what I feel right now! I am frustrated with myself for being unable to execute going down slope successfully even though I been learning it for 2 hour today! As I told in my past post, I am going to get my driving license this year and FYI I already took the computer test on 31st Dec last year and managed to pass through it and now already started the 16 hours driving class after I got my 'L' license. Honestly, the last time I learn how to drive was like 12 year ago and I never drive again since. In fact you can say that I don't know how to drive any longer!

So far I can say that I am okay with the side parking and even the 3 point turn (which I managed to learn a bit today) but I am really such a failure with the slope test! Actually not the whole slope test since I think I can execute the going up slope quite well but really suck to execute the going down slope! I did it over and over again for 2 hour today but only managed to execute it successfully few time only and failed most of my attempt! I feel so damn bad because everyone else can do it smoothly while I am still struggling! Ironically, most people said going up the slope is the hardest while here I am whining of my struggle to going down the slope without either the engine died or reverse down the slope.(*sighing).. After trying for more than an hour and half and still unable to descending the slope smoothly, I can feel my knees shaking and I am losing my focus..(-_-)

Luckily my instructor noticed my depression and try to cool me down and diverted me with another lesson which is the 3 point turn that I can say I managed to do although I only learn it for 30min or less. However I need to practice it more to master it. However, I am not yet quite over with my depression with my failure to execute the going down slope because I am still thinking about it. I keep chanting to myself that if other can do it why not me, that I can do it better tomorrow. Yep, tomorrow I have another 2 hours driving class and I really hope I beat my failure! Keep up the positive attitude Tunung..

Now I know how hard it is to drive a car! No wonder my husband have those angry expression every time I complained/grumbled about his driving attitude because I thought it was easy! Now I learn my lesson that it is not easy as we see it.. (*sighing again).. 

That's all I can write for now. Really sorry because nothing important but just my whining on this post but now you do know a thing about me; that I don't know how to drive (*smile).. As always, don't feel shy to offer me anything; tips/encouragement/comment okay!

Ciao and have a wonderful weekend everyone!

Friday, January 27, 2012

SARA 1Malaysia

I guess everyone must already alerted about the new investment program/ saving scheme called SARA 1MALAYSIA. Me too interested to apply this investment but I couldn't because only those with combined gross household income between RM500 - RM3000 eligible to apply..(*sighing)

Image credited to sara1malaysia.com.my
I envy those who can apply this investment program/saving scheme because to me it is one of the easiest way for me to save money especially person with poor financial management like me. To me the RM500 - RM3000 combined household income eligibility is not quite fair because there were lots of family with combined income more than RM3000 especially those who have many children and live in the big city have problem to save money (including husband & me). When you live in the big city/city with many kids, you are still considered low-income group even though your combined income more than RM3000. I don't to explain or elaborate this matter because WE/YOU the urban dwellers know how true this fact.. Hopefully in future they will put this matter into consideration. (^_^) V

I never apply any investment program/saving scheme before this. Not even the ASB loan though I do have ASB because I don't have the budget/commitment to pay the loan but I do save some money according to my ability. You know, like if I have RM100 extra money for those month than that will be my saving. Bad management right? But I want to change that from this year! (*smiling). Though I feel down for not able to apply this SARA 1Malaysia investment program/saving scheme, I am still happy to let you people know how beneficial this investment/saving scheme (at least to me okay!) and you may read more about it from their official website at sara1malaysia.com.my

So for those who eligible to apply, don't forget to get the application Form from the participating banks/agent starting on 30 January 2012 okay! Till next post, Happy Weekend everyone!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Anticipated Holiday!

Almost a week without single post from me..(*sigh).. Not that I am busy or anything but it just that I have nothing interesting to share about. CNY holiday? Well, honestly we did not go anywhere but lazing off at home since we have not plan anything because we need to save up for our brief return to my village this coming April. Yes, all of us; the kids and me will going back to my village!

This is going to be 1st time for my hubby and 3 of my kids; Elan, Shasa and Eyas to visit my village after 10 years. Before this I couldn't afford the air ticket that why they never been to my village. As for Daniel, he been there before and he even live with my parent for a year during my final year in UKM. Normally I go back by myself but this time whole family going back together and that really excited all of us especially the kids. The husband kind of nervous because he is going to meet my siblings that he never meet before. I feel kind of funny to see his anxious expression whenever I mention about this trip because he is worried if my siblings gonna bully him during those period. Hehehe, I survived his family all this while so why can't he? Payback time (*winking and evilly smile).. Just kidding though! (^_^)v

I promised my kids that they going to have a good time in Ranau. I knew they will love my hometown as much as I love it! I am going to show my kids why I always miss my family and my hometown and at the same time hoping that they will fall in love with my hometown! I can hardly wait to see my mom and my village! No matter how beautiful the city of KL, it can never win my affection toward my village where I grew up!

pic of my home in Kg. Tudangan which I snapped last Sept.
All of us really hope that this time nothing will come between our plan to go back to my village. My mother also very excited to meet all of her grandchild and also her son-in-law. I hope everyone can accept my husband as one of our family. So that is what the anticipated holiday all about. I don't want to boast up about it since some people said it not good to 'broadcast' plan that still far from achieved but I am too excited and can't help myself from writing about it here! Please pray for me and my whole family that everything will goes smoothly and all of us will finally go back to my village okay!

I think it is not too late for me to wish all Malaysian especially my friends and families who celebrate Chinese New Year, "GONG XI FA CAI!" May all of us will have a PROSPEROUS year and may this year of Dragon will spread PEACE and HARMONY all over the world! Plus, Happy holiday everyone!

Image credited to javaura.com
  P/S: I am on 9 days paid leave! Thanks to my generous boss (^_^) V

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Monday, January 16, 2012

The Price I Pay

It's Monday again and here I am trying to crack my blur mind of new story/idea to share with people out there (*winking). But honestly, I miss to write something in this blog of mine.. Not much to share about my ordinary life but I do have something that I need opinion from you people. It's something related to the title of this post, so bear with me & keep reading ok!

1st of all, million thanks for those who leave comment/opinion in my previous post about dilemma of married woman. I really appreciate your generosity for sharing your thought and good news is I already figure out how to convince my mom. I also figure out how to fulfill my dream and at the same time avoid prejudice from certain people. Well, instead of traveling alone I think it more safe and fun if I travel with either my husband or my friends/ families. Wise thinking & good choice right? Self appraising huh.. (*rolling on floor laughing) My mom have no objection once I told her that! I guess she is just worry about my safety when traveling alone (*smiling). Issue solved, next problem please! Kada kotogod kio ambalut.. (^_^) V

Recently I noticed that my kids are a bit scared to tell/to ask  me anything and frankly I only realized last weekend that they were not "a bit" scared but they are SCARED of me! I asked my husband why the kids acted like that and guess what he said??

Image of kids in fear - credited to risingthefawn.com
"Seriously?? You don't know why the kids scared of you? Did you noticed that since the beginning of this year you always snap at them? I mean you are always tensed and even a small matter make you angry. I didn't say anything because I know you are stressing out with our financial problem."

Well, I did remembered snapping at the kids few times but I never thought that will make them scared of me and I don't like the kids to feel like that towards me. I tried to control myself from getting angry or snapping to them but I am just human being that sometimes it just happened. Some people said that this problem occurred because I am so young and not yet ready to face the challenge of motherhood. Obviously I am 29 years old mother of 4 kids but to me age but there are lots of young parent out there who excelled in parenthood, better than some of parents who are older than them. So, I guess we shouldn't judge parent based on their age.

In my case (from my own point of view) this problem all caused by my  weakness in tackling my stress! I have no one to blame but myself for causing my kids being afraid of me. No matter how tensed or stressed I am, I shouldn't snap on them because now I am paying the price of my own mistake(*sighing). Still don't know how to win my kids heart and trust.. Can you imagine how I feel when I see my kids expression of fear every time they ask something to me? I feel horrible! No wonder they were cowering whenever I raised my voice..(-_-) So parent out there, what do you think of this matter Obviously I need to re-evaluate myself to avoid myself from snapping at them but any opinion/suggestion/idea on how to tackle this kind problem really welcomed here!

Okay, gotta go now and search for some info on how to win my kids heart again. If any of you have any advise please do tell me.. (*puppy face)

Happy Monday everyone!

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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dilemma Of Married Woman

While everyone busy giving their opinion about Anuar not guilty verdict which announced earlier today, here I am feel obligated to voice out about my dilemma as a married woman who want to catch up what I missed during my youth year. Sound like I am going to whine again huh..(*Laughing)

Last year, I mean few days before New Year, I called my mother back in my village and I talked to her about my future plan. Most of it about my intention to travel alone around Malaysia and guess what my mom said to me??? "Minog poh boh mingansau kopio dot nokosawo om kitanak Unung." English translation; "As you are married and have kids, you shouldn't think of being active/out-going anymore." Well, I don't really agreed with my mother this time because to me that kind of thinking is really ridiculous and selfish. Yes, I am married with kids but that shouldn't prevent me to enjoy my life & try to fulfill my dream. 

Image credited to Mr. Google
I don't understand when people have such thought that married woman should be content staying at home only and taking care of her kids and husband. Maybe some women might feel content but an active women like me will feel like trapped and unable to breathe. I already know that I am not going to be a full time housewife who stay at home taking care of her family only since I was young because I was and still an active person. But don't get me wrong because as other people some time I can be the most lazy-bone person you ever know when I am not in mood..

My main point here is about this thought/opinion of people especially the elder people that married woman should only think about her family and don't have right to go anywhere or don't have right to have fun! Every living soul have right to enjoy and live their life to the fullest and we married woman also want to have fun in our life. Please don't deprived us of our happiness and enjoyment just because of married status! 

I am done with my 2 cents(*rolling on floor laughing) and going straight to bed...Married woman out there, what do you think? Please share your opinion/comment because I would love to hear what other think of this topic. Until next whining okay!

Good Night & Happy Tuesday in advance!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year 2012!

This is scheduled post and right now I am here in Semenyih with my husband family celebrating New Year 2012. Well, it's not really a celebration because we are only gathering at MIL house and having BBQ on the count down of new year 2012.

Frankly, I am kind of blank when I typing this post and the only idea I am thinking of is what is my new year resolution. I am going to check back my 2011 resolution list in order to make a new one though (*laughing). I think some of my 2011 resolution have to bring forward again.... That's so very me! hahahahaha...

So, I am taking this opportunity to wish people all over the world, especially my families and friends a very Happy New Year 2012. May 365 new days ahead us will fill with happiness and bless and may this New Year will spread the power of LOVE and bring peace and harmony all over the world!

Image credited to pravstalk.com


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