Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Monthly Budget Addition: Milk

Remember in my past post where I mentioned about my dislike of milk or anything that contained with milk?? Never mind, since me too don't remember which post (*scratching my head, LOL). Actually, starting from next month, I am gonna put milk for myself in my monthly budget and I am gonna force myself to drink it though I knew I will hate the taste and it's all for the sake of my own bones health.

Image Credited to Mr. Google
As long as I remember, the only time I have ever drink milk was during my pregnancy of my 4 kids but it also not consistently because sometimes I did skipped from taking it. Tidak tahan saya tu bau oo.. However, I do know the benefit and importance of milk to our health, so I have to bear with the smell. After all, it's all about mind set ba kan. So, I should to train my mind to think the smell and taste of milk is as tasty as ice cream maybe.. Buli ka itu?? (*LOL)

Okay, okay, enough with lawak yang tidak funny, and let me ask you people what is the best and affordable milk for adult?? The only brand I knew is Anlene which is reviewed as good and cheap. Ada brand lain lagi ka yang ok??

Hopefully I can stick to my plan of drinking milk daily.. Saya pandai tu mau kasi tunda2, but hopefully ni kali tidak la. Of course I have not yet feel any back pain for now but precaution is better than cure, isn't it?? So, next month I have to put aside some money for this purpose in my monthly budget. But, investing some money for our health is beneficial enough ba kan..

That's all for today. Gonna take few hour sleeps before waking up again at 2.45am to watch the semi-final match between Spain and Portugal (*winking).

Good night you all..

Monday, June 25, 2012

Euro 2012 Semi-Final; Schedule!

Earlier this morning, Italy merged to the semi-final of Euro 2012 along with Portugal, Spain & Germany after defeating England through penalty score.. Sad?? Of course! I was hoping that England can make it to the semi-final (*sob2). Two more games before the final match and that means I will have 3 more sleepless night, yay! (*winking). I am hoping that Germany & Spain will merge to the final! I support both team but this time I really wish that Germany can win the title (*smile). Hubby said must choose one only but paduli ba kalu saya sebab saya sokong semua team (*laughing)!

Image credited to worldcupblog.org
I hope that all teams will give their best in the 3 last game, meaning I want to see more attack and more goal! Hubby said, it's up to their strategies to win but to me forget about winning and just give their best while enjoying the themselves. Give us, the fan and support of football games a match that all of us will remember. I mean a clean and awesome match! I also hope that this games will end smoothly without being marred by sensitive issues such as racism. Well, sport is suppose to gather people in unity, isn't it?? (*deep thinking). 

Gotta go and have my breakfast before start my daily duty. Yup, definitely in Monday blues but apa mau buat, kalu tidak kerja, teda la makan..Betul ka itu?? (*LOL)

Okay, chow dulu.. Nasi lemak mo sajuk suda! Happy Monday everyone!

P/S:- The Semi-Final Schedule:- Check below!

26 Jun 2012 ( 27 Jun 2012 | 02.45 pagi waktu Malaysia )

27 jun 2012 ( 28 Jun 2012 | 02.45 pagi waktu Malaysia )


Saturday, June 23, 2012

Exercise For Good Health!

Have you ever been in situation where people questioned your motive of exercising??  Well, I have and their question really irritating me sometimes. I always received remark such as "awak kan dah kurus, tak payah la nak exercise lagi" or "badan kremping pun nak exercise lagi ke??" or "dah kurus nak kurus lagi ke??" etc. whenever they saw me doing my weekly run at the nearby park. Hello, ada undang2 ka yang halang orang kurus beriadah. Kalau jeles, cakap saja la jeles kan. Nda payah cakap berlapik2 (*pissed off) Normally I will just ignore those remark but if I am not in mood I will give them one of my 'laser' answer..

Image credited to ftkonline.com
Never ever crossed in my mind to exercise solely for maintaining my slim figure! In fact, in whole my life I always try to gain weight, meaning I don't want to lose my fat cell but I want to stay in good health as well and exercising is one of the best way to maintain good health. I have tried not to exercise before this and the result was disastrous; I was always tired and pale although I ate good amount of foods and my blood pressure rises drastically that caused me to feel dizzy most of time. So, there is no way I am gonna repeat that stupid act in order to gain weight ever again. So, for those who have this negative perspective of slim/skinny people who do their exercise, please acknowledge that exercising is good for our health beside it help us to maintain our figure. 

Nah, kan explode suda gunung berapi! Such a relief for me to be able spit out my raging feeling toward those people who always said above stuff to me. Nowadays, I do my weekly run in the morning when most people are still sleeping and I feel more comfortable doing my aerobic/zumba at home with my daughter. Less irritating because I don't have to hear any negative remark and more freedom! 

It's almost 5pm, so gotta go now for my aerobic & zumba workout session! Have a blasting & blessed weekend everyone! Peace No War!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

You're Always In My Heart

Hola a todos! How are you today? Lately, I haven't doing any blog-walking and I am kind of out of date with my blogger friends nowadays, thanks to my load of work at office and also to 'Football Fever' that distracting me from doing so (*sighing). 

It's been a while I haven't write anything about my feeling, so since today is Father's Day, I decide to write something about my father, a person that raised me up with unconditional love, my role model that inspired me to be what I am nowadays and I will never feel bored to say that I love and adore my father very much for everything he was. Beside my kids, he is one of my source strength to face any obstacle that may come stumble in my life. He was not a wealthy man but he was rich with kindness and compassion to everyone around him. He was the one who taught not to hold grudge against people who did wrong to me and always forgive others mistake and  pray the best for them regardless their wrong doing to me. My father said, hate and grudge only make us bitter and unable to move on and I am totally agree with him. He was my extra shoulder that always help me to bear the burden in my life and losing him taught me to be more dependent and strong-will woman. He gone for almost 6 years now and never once I forget him. In fact he is always in my prayer and in my heart. Losing him make me feel empty but knowing that he is in better place now and he will always there to watch over me calm my heart. 

Okay, don't yawn yet because I am gonna stop right here. After all, I have load of blog-walking to do (*winking). I am taking this opportunity to wish all fathers all over  the world, Happy Father's Day! Especially to my husband, the father of my 4 angels, hugs and kisses from us to you, thank you for everything Hubby!

Have a blessed Sunday everyone!

P/S: Song below dedicated to all fathers (especially to my beloved father)  and mothers all over the world.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Haze Is Back!

Since yesterday I have noticed the unhealthy condition of the air here in Puchong, so I googled up to know whether there any news/warning regarding possibility of haze to confirm my suspicion and not surprises that my suspicion is true indeed. 

A statement from DOE had said that the bad air condition was due to the haze drifting in from several hotspot in Sumatra. Indonesia and expected to last for several day. The weather forecaster from Meteorological Dept said that rain is unlikely to occur until middle or end of next week, but I pray that the rain will soon happen because the heat is one thing and now the haze, combined together really are bad for health (*sighing). Da'ron konou!!! Atau mangkali kalu sa yang suara tidak sedap ni nyanyi, buli hujan ka itu??? (*LOL)

Anyway, for those who live in affected area, it's better to stay indoor during this hazy day to min the effect of the haze to our health, especially for kids. I gotta buy face masks for my boys just in case the haze gonna prolong till next week since they have to go to school.

Well, hopefully the air condition will get better soon because I just couldn't stand the acrid smell of smoke and the hazy sight. Mata yang sudah rabun ni tambah rabun oo...

So, until next post, stay safe and have a nice weekend everyone! 

view from my flat. (sorry, pic took by my mini so the quality is not so good)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Football Fever!

Kihaaaa!! It's Euro 2012 already and I am officially caught with football fever! Iya, makan bola, tidur bola, mandi bola, kerja bola, in fact everything is about bola right now.. Hahaha, Just kidding bah.. Bola, bola juga but kerja tetap kerja kan (*winking).

Image credited to google.com
I can't hardly wait to watch my favorite team match; Germany & Spain (*grinning like idiot). I been setting reminder for all of their match and I really hope both of them will make it to the final. I took longer nap this afternoon to make sure I am fully recharged to watch match of Germany vs Portugal at 2.45am.

That's all I wanna say in this very short update. To all football fan out there, let support our favorite team in good manner. We are civilized people, so please do not marred this football season with racial sentiment. Say no to racism !

Good night  everyone!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I Am Freelance Personal Loan Agent

To all my blogger friend, I would like to announce that I am now a freelance personal loan agent. Nope, I still have my full-time work as and admin & purchasing executive but I am doing part-time job as a freelance agent to promote banks and koperasi product (personal loan / over-lapping for government worker). Why need a part time job? Well, isn't it obvious? 

I am not ashamed to do various kind of job as long as it is legal and enable me to earn 'halal' income to support my family. Who doesn't want to have extra money for their family especially their kids? I guess everyone want the best for their kids, so do I. That's why I am willing to do part-time job beside our online business just to earn extra income to support my kids growing needs. 

So, if any of  you (government worker) who want to apply for personal loan or who want to over-lapping their existed loan or who want to increase their nett salary, do not hesitate to contact me okay! We also have offer for private employee who want to apply for loan with condition you are not blacklisted or have CTOS or CCRIS. Jadi, isai moho kumawin nga au kocukup usin, sila la contact sia kio (*wink2)..

Nah, sia rasa itu saja pengumuman for now. No entry for WW today because I feel like talking today (*LOL). Happy Wednesday you all!


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