Sunday, June 26, 2011

Visit To Uptown Mines

Since my hubby doing this replica sunglasses business, our life turn out to be a bit hectic than usual because he likes to drag us with him while meeting with his supplier and customer. He said he feel more comfortable doing his business with our presence because it's give him such motivation looking at us especially our kiddo happy face.

Last Saturday hubby brought us along to do a survey of sunglasses price at the Uptown Mines and also to survey whether any of those merchants at Uptown Mines have this specific model that requested by lots of his customer. Well, that was our 1st visitation to Uptown Mines and I was a bit shocked and awed because it's spacious area!! 

"Kita nak explore whole area ke Ling?" I asked hubby after viewing the Uptown Mines area from the place we parked our car. You know, we have to park 500 meter from the site because the parking site are full!
"Why? Takut penat ke?" he mocked me. 
"Me? No way! It's you I am concern with. Larat ke awak bawa perut tu?" I mocked him back.. Hahaha, what a bad wife I am kan..(*wink2)

So, we started our "journey" at 9.30pm and done looking around the area around 11pm. Pheww, it was really tiresome. We were all soaked with sweat!  Gosh, that will be the 1st and last time I go there with my kiddo because they are doing their mischief all the way, making me feel like I want to shout "DIAM!!". Luckily hubby was patient enough to bear our kiddo manner. 

Well this uptown is quite happening than Uptown Shah Alam because of the spacious and open area and you can find lots of stuff there. Of course my attention mostly focus to the woman stuff and accessories while my hubby was busy looking at the sunglasses shop. Though our journey was tiresome and annoying because of our kiddo manner, but I was having fun time viewing the various selection of clothes and handbag with affordable price though I didn't bought anything for myself that.. night. I only bought some stuff for my kiddo.. Lain kali la shopping bilang hubby sa..huhuhuhu. Nasib baik kena belanja makan.. (^_^) V

Not much pics was taken on that night because the camera batteries went off. hubby said he forgot to recharge the batteries..Grrrrr... Plus, the pics quality is terribly poor.. 
Elan said,"cantik giler.."

Ni budak mesti mo kena pegang tangan kalu tidak swimming suda dia dalam tu tasik

Kepenatan tapi buli juga senyum kunun =P

Eyas with his new spek, bought at Mines Uptown
Yo..Yo.. Shasha with her hip hop pose  
My other two boys couldn't pose since they already off to the la la land just after we reached our home that night..

Okay..Okay.. I know it start to bore you all.. Even hubby pun cakap,"boring stuff macam tu pun nak share juga.." Malam ni peluk bantal saja la ko hubby.. Have a wonderful Sunday!


  1. Punya la bagus your hubby moy. kalau my hubby tu confirm bw blk trus tu kalau anak2 buat hal!

    btw, seumur hidup d kl ni, blm lg sia p mana2 uptown! hubby sia nda suka. dia bilang.. uptown tu sama jg mcm pasar mlm barang2 dia cuma beza dia uptown subuh2 kunun... hmm

  2. @JustHubby sia ni buakn selalu itu mcm dia punya mood moi..Nasib baik la kunun tu mlm..

    Lebih kurang juga la mcm pasar mlm tapi uptown ni lbh byk pilihan la..


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