Sunday, July 31, 2011

9th Ramadhan In My Life

Fuhhh.. Seriously, I am so tired because hubby and I keep going out non-stop from morning till dusk searching for tailor shop that still accepting order and thanks God that we manage to get one via my hubby friend.. Only  now, I have a time to post an entry before I go to bed since you know, tomorrow we are starting to fast for 30 days and I need to wake up early to prepare 'sahur' for my family.

As I told before in last year entry about My 8th Ramadhan, I like 'Bulan Ramadhan' and every year since I learn to fast I anticipate this month like a little kid anticipate a candy. But every Muslim and Muslimah all over the world are anticipating this sacred month, aren't they?
Image by Mr. Google
This year, my second son said he want to fast for the whole month without skipping a day. As a mother, I am proud to hear that though I know that he is not yet fully understand the significant of fasting month and hoping that he can achieve what his goal. To tell the truth, hubby and I don't really have a proper religious education especially me who is just a naive 'Mualaf" and we are glad that the religious school that our kiddos attend able to teach them about anything related to Islam, especially things that we don't know. 

Okay, I got to stop now since it's almost 12 midnight. To all Muslim all over the world:- 

Walk humbly
Talk politely
Dress neatly
Treat kindly
Pray attentively
Donate generously
May ALLAH bless & protect us! 

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Daycare Center Registration And 'Fishing" At Midvalley

Yep, I registered my kids to daycare center this morning. We decided to choose the 2nd choice as I mention in my previous entry about hunting for new new daycare center because it's cheaper for sure and not crowded as the other daycare center around Puchong. The daycare center is call as "Taska Kasih Sayang" (hopefully their service will parallel with its name) and I will start to send my kiddos there next Monday. 

The Complete-filled Registration Form
Yeah, it's such a relief because we will no longer face the same problem such as too frequent taking emergency leave due to our nanny problem as before but at the same time I feel a bit anxious. Why? Because I am afraid that my kids especially the last one will miss their former nanny..Orang tua2 cakap, kids can fall sick if they miss someone terribly.. Nauzubillah, Subhanallah..I don't want to think negatively so I just pray that Allah will watch over my kids..Amin.

So right after the registration and briefing by the owner cum manager of the daycare center, hubby and I went to Midvalley to meet a customer and while hubby discussion with the customer, I wander around only to spot the 7th Parenthood Expo 2011, a very happening event being held nearby the Food court Junction. Hahaha..I did my 'fishing' there! (Sorry no pic taken at the venue of the event because I did not bring any camera - bateri handphone pun nyawa2 ikan..hihihi)

Actually, I already bought this month diapers stock for my youngest son but since the price is quite cheap ( RM20 per Bag) so I bought this 2 bags for future stock.. It's cheap but is it good? Yep, based on the sample/display they shown me, it's as good as my recent diaper brand (Huggies). Hubby just shake his head when he saw my 'fish'..=P 

Inilah hasil 'TANGKAPAN" saya di Midvalley...Pssttt, isn't the goodie bag color awesome? =P
Mommies, (Selangor/KL) if you want to buy some, you may go to Midvalley because the events is still on but only until tomorrow.. Hahaha, sempat lagi promote..

Uittt..feel like this entry is turning into daily report la pula..So, before I bore you to death better I ciao dulu..GOOD NIGHT AND HAPPY SATURDAY!

P/S: The re-usable goodies bag of the diaper also one of the reason why I bought the diaper. I fall in love with the bag at 1st sight..(^^)v

Friday, July 29, 2011

You Are Such A Show Off!

Yay!! It's Friday again!! 1st thing 1st:- title above is nothing to do with me but keep reading then you will catch the whole situation..(*wink2)

I am super happy but at the same time I am not in mood because I feel irritates with this particular person for her attitude of boasting about her fortune on her FB wall.. I feel like want to puke every time I saw/stumble upon her update because she just love to tell the whole wide world about her fortune! Haiya, other people are wealthier than her but I never saw them updating/announcing every single stuff they have in possession..

Jealous? Please la.. If she boast up about her life achievement I might feel jealous but everything she boast up about are material stuff. Before this, dengan RIAKnya, she announce that she was going to move to her second house. Than she upload pics of every single stuff she bought for her new house, including how she re-arrange it. Yesterday, she upload pics of the renovation of her house verandah telling that it almost done.. 

What make me feel uneasy the most is when she chat with me asking this, "Molly, nampak x pic? Cantik x?" Where I have to lie, saying "hmm.. Cantik" then try my best to change the topic before I blurt out my true opinion.. Well, she is a 'relative' of my hubby so kena jaga hati la kan.. But today I told her sarcastically, "ini pun nak upload juga ke..pede la..hahaha
Image By Mr. Google

If I am not mistaken, there is 'SPECIAL' word that used to label people with this kind of traits which we called as NARCISSISTIC.. What is it? Google ja ba..

Do you ever encounter with kind of person? You know, a person who loves to brag and exaggerating his/her achievement over and over again. What do you feel about this kind of person? Ada rasa mo muntah atas muka tu orang ka? Hahaha, just kidding..(^_^) V

Okay, I don't want to talk more bad thing about this person..Bikin tambah dosa ja.. So, to whom it may concern, if you happen to read this entry and feel like it's is YOU I talk about in this entry, be open minded and accept it as a positive critic. I am sorry if you feel offended but since I am such a coward to say it right to your face, I choose this way to express my true feeling where I can choose and use "pedas" but kind words to tell you about my discomfort with all of your bragging.. Buang Yang Keruh, Ambil Yang Jernih, together we make ourselves a better person..


Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday #3

Hunting For New Nanny/Daycare Center!

Hi everybody!!! How are you doing?? Hahahaha..I don't think I need to ask those question since I read all of your (my follower especially) update.. You know, update like trying the newest skirt fashion, goods being detained by custom, newest music interest..etc..etc.. Hehehe, I might rarely update my blog nowadays but I still have my eyes on you.. 

Why rarely posting an entry? because I have this one major problem that occupied my mind for the past few days. What is it? Well, we have to find other nanny to take care of the kids since the our nanny want to go back to her husband hometown middle of next month. She already told us about this earlier this month but we don't fuss over this matter. Not until we found out that our nanny is pregnant and she want us to pay her in full though she will only take care for my kids like 15teen days.. Buli ka macam tu?? 

So, hubby and I decided last week right after we found out about her pregnancy to look for another nanny or at least a daycare for our kids.. So since last Saturday between pleasure time and working time, hubby and I are searching and investigate the nearby daycare centers and potential individual. Gosh, believe me it's not a easy task!! 

Best kalu dapat daycare yg mcm ni (image by Mr Google)
So far, hubby and I were pondering between 2 daycare center and we have to choose one by Friday since August will approaching us next week. One of it already operating more than 1 year, have 3 more helper but the place is bit crowded with almost 20 kids excluding the babies. While the other one is  just opened like 2 month ago, 2 workers/helpers but not crowded like  the 1st one. Both are located nearby to our flat area and our kids school. About the fee, the 1st daycare offer us RM730 while the other one offer us RM660. 

As I told you, I am bit choosy when its concern with my kids. So, I will think of this 2 choice from every angle before I give my answer. Hubby? He said he will choose the 1st one because they are more experienced but I don't agree since experienced alone not enough to handle kids especially when they are in large group..

Nah, I started to rants already! So what do you think? Which  one should I choose? Jangan malu2 bagi cadangan kio..(*Wink2)

Okay, penat suda ni otak berfikir, so got to stop now and give my mind a good rest before rebooting again tomorrow morning. 


Saturday, July 23, 2011

Wake Up Late? Serve You Right Tunung!

Image By Mr. Google
Warghhh!!!! I have to cancel our plan for today because I woke up LATE! Serve you right Tunung... Seriously I sleep like the dead..I don't even hear the alarm clock that I set last night.. Hubby? he depend on me to wake him up, so I don't have to tell you all what happen to him.. The kids? My eldest son (Elan) said he woke up at 7am, ate his breakfast (breads and jam) then went back to sleep AGAIN. The other 3, sleep like no tomorrow..

Actually, every weekends all of us will wake up a bit late than usual but today I planned to wake up early because I want to go to Klang to have breakfast at hubby aunt's stall/restaurant. It's been a while since the last time I taste her nasi lemak and I am hoping to have one before fasting month. Fasting month is next week isn't it??? Haiya, we can't never stop time right.. It passed by like a lightning!

I really hate it when my plan altered due to my own mistake. In the past I have done so many mistake that altered my life 360 degree but despite of my regret I really appreciates all of my mistake because it shaped and developed me into a strong and mature woman I am now. When most people tended to keep their head up and leave the  past behind, but me, from time to time still glance back to my past while keeping my head up, to remind me that I am a survivor and not to repeat the same mistake.  So what's the connection between waking up late and doing mistake? Okay, I woke up late because I watched movie till 4am this morning.. That's my mistake! Hahahahaha.. You see, there's a connection there! I know I need to wake up early today but still I stayed up until 4am to watch movie.. If only I go to bed early, of course I won't wake up late, am I?

What time exactly I woke up today? I will leave you all with this one question to ponder with.. Good day and enjoy your weekends ladies and gentleman.. 
P/S: re-plan to go to Klang tomorrow . So hopefully won't do the same mistake again..

Thursday, July 21, 2011

My Blog, My Pleasure!

I joined blogging world not because of following the trend but because I like to blog about my life and things happened around me. Blogging help me to express myself through my writing since I am not really a talkative one in person. Yep, in reality, in person I am truly a shy and quiet woman. I talk only when I need to and most of time I just listen to people talking out their opinion. But don't take my shyness and quietness for grant because if people challenged me to the limit, I will surely explode and like a volcano with it deadly lava, you may expect "deadly" words came out from me..

Why all of sudden, I write about this? Well, you see few days ago a person named 'melayu' leave a "message" on my shout-box that criticized my writing in English ( refer to image or you may find it yourself at my shout-box).. At 1st I think "Never Mind" but then after sometime I have this thought " What the heck! this is my blog, so it's up to me to write in English or in any language I want to."

I never and will never force people to read my blog! If you like my writing and my sharing, you are most welcome to come and visit, but if you don't like or maybe you don't like my English entry, feel free to skip my blog and go to thousand other blog that might write in language you prefer. FYI, this is my blog and everything I write here is exclusively for my own pleasure and for those who enjoy reading it! If my entry does not suit you, then shoo..shoo.shoo.. 

You people have your right to say anything about my blog but please do it in a ethically way. Remember that your word can hurt other if you don't watch the way you say it. Or at least, it might cause unwanted humiliation though you might not intend it to be that way. People will respect you more if you use a proper/polite words instead of rude one. For examples, instead of saying the above, maybe you can say it like this " Boleh tak buat entri dalam bahasa melayu pula. Jangan la asyik bahasa English je." Isn't it sound better and persuading??

To "melayu":-
Since when did writing in English considered as "berlagak"? Aiyo!! Sempit betul fikiran ko ni.. What century do you live?? If you dislike my entry so much then why you keep clicking my link? Well, I don't want to waste my time and peace of mind with narrow-minded like you, so THANK YOU very much for you 'positive' critic! From now on, main jauh2 dari blog saya ye..

For you my beloved reader/follower, MILLION THANK YOU for reading my boring entries in this blog  and leaving comment as well.. And ya, what do you feel if this happened to you? C'mon, don't shy2..share2 ba kita..

Okay, enough pouring out my hearth-ache.. Time to continue my filing task..GOOD DAY and PEACE NO WAR (^_^) V. I feel better..(*wink2)

P/S: Yesterday, for the whole day I keep thinking why on heaven people would leave such message, But now I don't  care anymore.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Family Party : Elan's Birthday Celebration !

Yep, today is my eldest son birthday. As I said in my previous entry, hubby and I still held small party exclusively attend by the six of us at our flat. Everything is cooked by hubby and me except for the cakes and some other food and beverage.. It's not even qualify to be called "party" at all..Moreover it is not even planned properly since we prepare everything after we come back  from office.. Haiya, it doesn't matter whether the celebration is grand or not as long as we have a great time together ba kan..

He might be just 9 years old but believe me if I say that he is mature than his age. Most people might say 9 years old kid is too young to understand the adult difficulties but not my eldest son. I still remember how hard he tried including fasting to save his pocket money during our hard time 2 years ago just to make sure that he will not burden hubby and me. Those memory really wretched my heart nowadays.. That's why I feel like I owe him big time..

He is very shy and skinny just like me. He likes science yet he hates math.. Geez, remember my entry on helping him to excel in math during his exam week? I was truly a dictator but in the end Elan said he is grateful because my effort help him to get 3rd place in in his class.. He love playing football and futsal and computer games too.. He is the one who help me to wash the dishes, sweeping his room and washing daniel and his uniform. Gosh, I can write about him for hundred pages if you want me but I don't want to bore you with my boast-up about my son okay... So, feast yourself with pics taken during his birthday celebration.( komen2 dan  kutukan dialu-alukan..=P )

Where we buy the cake? It's a Japanese Cake House, introduced by hubby's boss

The cake's box fascinated me...

Tada!!! Small cake for small celebration but don't judge the cake by it's size because the taste really delicious! Walla!!

The birthday Boy..Ayoyo, where's your shirt Elan?

The super eager cake fan..They can't wait to have their way with the cake..

Birthday boy with siblings and mama dear..

Last but not the least, pic with papa dear..
To my dear son, mama and papa wish and pray all the best for you. May you grow up into a fine gentleman and remember no matter how many birthday come and go, you will always be mommy little precious boy. Love you Elan..

P/S: Wanna to save/spare some money to grant Elan's birthday wish; a bicycle!

Movie Time With Kiddos: Harry Potter And The Deathly Hollow Part II

Today I went to watch Harry Potter & The Deathly Hollow Part II with my kids (Elan, Daniel & Shasa) at GSC IOI Mall, Puchong. To tell the truth I was pretty tired since I have to settle quite a lot of pending task and I am not fully recover from my flu but I still go because I already promised to my eldest son. Well, tomorrow is his birthday and instead of having a party like his younger brothers, he asked me to give him movie treat. However, I still planned to have family party to celebrate his birthday and his good achievement in his 1st term examination.

the ticket..
Kiddos with their popcorn..

Daughter (Shasa) and me.. Haiya, did you notice the tired eyes..=)
Everybody must already knew that this is the final parts of Harry Potter. I am one from million fans of this novel/movie and I have watched all the movie from the 1st movie; Harry Potter and the sorcerer stone to the  very last one Harry Potter And The Deathly Hollow Part II, which I watched this evening with my kiddos. My eldest son also a fan of this movie and like me, he too has been watching the movie (DVD) over and over again.

This final part of harry Potter concluded everything from the 1st movie to the last one. In this final part, every single question that still clouded my mind (such as why does Snape helped Potter right before he killed Dumledore and etc..) answered and I am quite happy with the ending of this story. I have to admit that I have not yet read all the novel but after this not only I am going to read it, I am going to buy and collect it as well!

"Is that really the end of it mama?" my eldest son asked me before we leave our seat at the cinema. He was  kind of dazed because he couldn't believe that that was the end of Harry Potter. I nodded and almost laugh to see his mixture expression of relief because Harry Potter beat Lord Voldermort and sad because no more sequel to this favorite movie of him.

Different people, different view/opinion but to me, I think this movie does have it own attraction and I really love the strength of  friendship between Potter, Hermione & Ron. From the very beginning they stick together and always help each other in goods and bad times too. It is one of quality that rarely exist among friends nowadays and If you have one than you really are lucky.

Gosh! Pardon me but I am truly are sleepy and  I my eyes hardly open right now..(*yawning)
Good night and sweet dream everybody!


Friday, July 15, 2011

Don't Quit!

GUESS WHAT? I take half day leave today because I don't feel very well. So, after settle up matters with few urgent customer, I go off back home and right now typing this entry before I take my medication and off to lalala land. Ya, I know you might don't care at all but still I want to let You know. Maybe someone out there will pray for my recovery right??? (*wink2)

Image By Mr. Google
Okay, let get back to the title above. Poem for my kids father? Why? Actually he is felling down since last Tuesday because his advertisement of high grade (replica) sunglasses in has been removed/declined due to complaint from other distributor. He said it might be because of his price which is cheaper than other distributor who advertise their goods on Things worked pretty good before this and my hubby has purchased quite lots of stock and hoping to sell it all in order to have extra buck for this coming Hari Raya. He said, he felt like quitting but I told him not to give up just because of one obstacle. This one flaw of him really worry me..(*sigh)

Then, as I browsed through  on Wednesday I found this very inspiring poem that might uplift his spirit, so I sent him an E-card with this poem in it, hoping that he get the hidden message..Yay, that night he said "THANK YOU" with a huge smile..Thank God, My effort worth it and my prayer answered after all.. FYI, I am not good in talking and I don't really know how to persuade/cheer up someone by talking. When I encounter situation that need persuasion and cheering up, I normally used words (written one ya) to show my concern but I am not "Jiwang" okay.. 
That's me..How about you all?

So, do you know anybody who is in same situation like my kids father? Try to send them the poem below..Who know, it might help them to lift up their spirit.. Well, since I need my nap now before my head explode, enjoy the poem and GOOD DAY everyone!!! (^^) V

When things go wrong, as they sometimes will,
when the road you’re trudging seems all uphill,
When the funds are low and the debts are high,
And you want to smile, but you have to sigh,
When care is pressing you down a bit,
Rest, if you must, but do not quit.

Life is queer with its twists and turns,
As every one of us sometimes learns,
And many a failure turns about,
When he might have won had he stuck it out;
Don’t give up though the pace seems slow—
You may succeed with another blow.

Often the goal is nearer than,
It seems to a faint and faltering man,
Often the struggler has given up,
When he might have captured the victor’s cup,
And he learned too late when the night slipped down,
How close he was to the golden crown.

Success is failure turned inside out—
The silver tint of the clouds of doubt,
And you never can tell how close you are,
It may be near when it seems so far,
You can't never tell how the race will end,
A victory may lie just around the next bend,
so stick to the fight when you're hardest hit,
It's when things seem worst that you must not quit.
P/S: I got teary dreary when I read this poem because it's so inspiring...

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Blog Title - To Be Change In Near Future

When I first joined/switched to blogger a year ago, my blog title was "Never Ending Story" than I changed it to "Life Through My Window" because I thought the previous title is unsuitable since every story did have an ending aren't it?

Image by Mr. Google
I am still stick to "Life Through My Window" right now but I started to re-thinking of changing it again to something simpler and easy to remember. We all know the importance of blog title because it is the 1st impression that might attract people to read your blog content. Plus, I still remember one of my blogger friend said that my recent blog title sound like a "stalker". Frankly, I thought the title was okay because I did write everything according to my point view and the title was a metaphor of  that aspect..Ehemm, at least in my opinion because it depend on people interpretation of it. However, being me I definitely know from the very beginning that I am  going to change it in future. So, this time I want to find the final and ultimate title, meaning no more changing..Hopefully (*sigh)

So far I been looking around at my blogger friend blog title and found out that I really want my blog title to be as simple as "The Oranje" , "Just's Corner" , "The OkayArms" and many more but I am not going to enlist it here since it will take forever. I am mess when it come to simple thing because I do love extreme stuff! (^_^)V

I don't think I need to make announcement once I change my Blog title because the change is automate and you will surely know about it. Well, I am done pouring out what's bothering me this morning so until next entry, ciao!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Putrajaya Floria 2011

I am back! Aiyoo, it's not like you all miss me right? But I miss to rant like a mad-woman,hahahaha!!! Just kidding okay.. 

Yep, I went to Putrajaya Floria 2011. Seriously, this is the very 1st time I have the opportunity to attend this event and I am expecting to see lots of "flower/flora" display and like kid on her 1st day to school, I was extremely excited..

We departed from home at 3.45pm and reached there around 4.15pm. Actually, we are supposed to meet up with my mom-in-law and sis-in-law at PICC (Putrajaya International Convention Center) to attend the "Pameran pengantin" but then we proceed to the "Pesta Floria" 1st since they were delayed by the heavy traffic. My hubby and I intended to explore the whole site but due to the hot whether, plus my  youngest son who is showing his tantrum (he cry and shout all the time we there) we cut out our visit and headed to Kajang because my hubby have something to do there before we meet up with my in law at PICC at 6.30pm. After Maghrib, we watch the decorative boat/junk for a while then we went off to my in law house at Semenyih. 

Overall, I did enjoyed my short visit to this despite of my youngest son tantrum. Lots of people attended the events and I could see lots of photographer taking the opportunity to snap pics of the beautiful flowers especially roses that designed in such unique way. I feel jealous  of their high tech camera compared to my borrowed Samsung digital camera..(*sobbing) I need to buy one like them... Moreover, hubby didn't manage to capture lots of pics since wwe are busy persuading our youngest son..

To me this kind of event should held more often since events like this give people the opportunity to appreciate the beauty of floras/flower beside being a good activities to gather and spend with family. For those who have not yet attend/visit the fiesta, it's not to late to do so because the fiesta will continue until 17th July 2011. If you gonna attend it, don't forget to bring along your best camera because there are lots of beautiful scenery and flower design that you can capture at the site. I feel down to earth actually to show pic that hubby snap during the visit but being the being the 'muka tembok', I proudly present you the few pic taken on that day..Hihihihi, kalau mo kutuk, silakan jangan segan2 kio..(^_^)V
the whether is hot so the senyum pun  "panas"..hihi
Eyas struggling and crying..Me trying to act cool but silently I feel like want to shout.. =(
Sawadikap!! betul ka itu spelling..hahahaha
nah, i like thi sone flower design !
I love this pic though I don't know why! =D
Pic at the front yard of PICC..Nice view kan..
Adehh..kasihan betul ni pic..gelap!
I guess that all i can say about my visit to Putrajaya Floria 2011. Yeah, it might sound kind of boring but hopefully you won's fell asleep reading it..WOITT!! wake up! Hahahaha.. 

Good day and happy reading everybody!

P/S: If i have the time will try to re-visit the event again..

Friday, July 8, 2011

Flu + Friday + Workaholic = Work With Flu On Friday! =P

This morning I wake up with a terrible flu! I hate flu especially when it come with running nose and watery eyes! Rasa macam mo bergulung macm tenggiling ja.. Hubby said no need to go to office if I am sick but being the stubborn + workaholic me, I just ignore it..Haiya, I will feel bore at home and end up cleaning up rather than resting. So I think better I go to office and settle my pending task.. At least I can do video conference with our supplier and chatting with them..tidak la keburingan..(*wink)

My hubby did scolded me saying, "Awak ni, sakit-sakit pun nak pi kerja juga! Kalau jadi teruk, saya juga yang susah!" 
I understand his worries because he is concern about my blood pressure so I replied,trying to soothe him, "alah, kerja kat ofis tu tak susah pun. I can always take a break/nap if I feel sick or something. I don't like staying at home alone la Ling."

Yep, I am one of those woman who don't like being a 24/7 housewife! I like working though my family is still my priority. Lots of people go to work because they feel like they have to in order to support their family but in my case, I go to work because I like working at being paid for working. I enjoy doing anything (excluding illegal/bad thing) as long as I have something to do. That is why I have no problem when I change my career from being a chemist to administration/accounting executive. 

My hubby complained to me one day, "I never heard you complaining about your work. Awak tak pernah rasa tension ke kerja kat sana?"
"I only feel tension with those demanding customer but I never feel like hating my job," I told him honestly since I do feel tension during work hour especially when I have to face with customer with "royal" demand but I enjoyed myself doing my job.

Lots of people especially those who work in lowest of career hierarchy tend to hate their job. But to me, we should love or at least enjoy doing our job and think positively though our job might be not as glamor or high-pay as other job. When we enjoying our job than only we can work happily, betul tak

However, I never bring back my job at home no matter how urgent it is! That's my rule in my career. I rather stay back and finish up the task at office (limit = 8.00pm) than bringing it back at home..Home sweet home bah! I will never ever want to become like the cartoon below (touch wood):- 

Image from
Image by Mr. Google
No matter how much I like working, like others me too can't hardly wait for Friday! On Friday my lunch hour is longer than other days, on Friday I can go back earlier than other days and on Friday less customer calling for inquiries or quotation or even purchasing stuff from my company!

Alamak! I think I rants out of topic already..hihihihi..Well, my main point here is I like working but still I appreciate my weekend and off day very much because I can spend it with my family especially my kiddos.

Okay, got to stop now because hubby already signalling me that he want to use the PC. Have a wonderful weekend you all! ciao...(^_^)

P/S: Actually hubby want to try creating his own business card with Businesss Card Star as suggested by Just in her entry about The Importance Of Business Card. Thanks for sharing kio moi!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

3 Tiresome Day And 2 Letter With Love

For the past 2 days, I been lacking of enthusiasm because my youngest son is sick. He has this fever on and off again since last Friday and he also has this severe conjunctivitis that hasn't getting better till yesterday. I brought him along to my office (3 days in a row) because I couldn't let leave him  behind at the nanny house in that condition. But the truth is I don't trust the nanny to take care of him while he is sick because I know the nanny might  just leave him unattended.
Aren't my boss mind at all? Well, as I stated in my last entry I am lucky to have such a considerate boss because he don't mind at all since he and my other colleagues rarely at office, leaving me all by myself most of time. For 3 days in a row, my office become the safe haven for my youngest son and for 3 days my attention at office divided between my responsibility as a worker and responsibility as a mother. Phewww.. It's not easy but I am trying with all my best. 

Today, my son is getting better. No more fever and the conjunctivitis is less obvious. He start eating again and drink his milk. A little progress like this is enough to lit up my spirit and sobered up my worry. Every time one of my kids fell sick, I will lost appetite, I can't sleep well and most of all I can't function  very well.. Macam robot yang rosak la bila anak2 sakit..@_@ That's why I will avoid doing office task that involving number/money when I am in such condition because I know that I might do mistake. Tomorrow, I am going to leave him back at the nanny house. I feel kind of worry since he is not fully recover but I need to do the delayed accounting task and it's already overdue. 

Eyas at my office..He still have those conjunctivitis
Okay, that's what happened in the past 2 days but for today, beside feeling happier with the improvement with my son condition, a letter/parcel (or whatever you call it) from Mr. Postman also enlighten my mood =D 

Guess what is it? I smile from ear to ear when I got this stuff. Jeng..Jeng..Jeng..Jeng.. Yeppi! Finally I got my souvenir from GA that conducted by eB and Just  and I got both of it in the same day (today)! The souvenir from eB is different then the one I supposed won but I loike it! Hubby already booked it to put pic of his precious princess a.k.a my naughty daughter. As for the souvenir from Just, I am using it right after I opened the envelope. Haiya, to tell the truth I am super-duper excited because I have another addition to my 'countless" bookmark! Later i will hunt down all the bookmark from my books and snap a pic of it ( kalau sia rajin la kio).. hubby just shake his head when I showed him the bookmark.. 

This is photo frame + postcard from eB (^_^)v
This is bookmark from Just
I think that's all I can rants for now. I thought I might post a short entry only but it turn out to be a pretty long one la pula..hihihi, an habit of mine.. Once again, THANK YOU VERY MUCH to eB and Just for those wonderful souvenir! I LIKE IT! Good night and sweet dream everyone!

P/S: Just, my hubby want to know where did you printed those name card of your..

Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Exhausted Daughter Of Mine

Last Friday my office turned into a day care for my kiddo (daughter & youngest son) because their nanny asked for leave to attend her kids record taking at their school. My husband also have to attend it, leaving me with the kids.

I have no choice but bringing them along to my office since I have to wait for DHL Currier service to deliver company supply from Japan. My boss don't mind at all since he and the other salesman rarely at office leaving me all by  myself most of time. I am lucky to have such a considerate boss =D.. I bet none of you have a kind boss like betul kan..

Actually that was not the 1st time I took them to my office because of the same problem; their nanny asked for 'cuti' yet we never deducted her salary though. My hubby intend to find a daycare for our kid to avoid such thing and we really hope we manage to find one nearby our flat area before end of this month. As a parent, current issues such as babies/toddlers/kids died at daycare center really are terrifying me to send my kids to daycare center but as a working parent, we have no choice but doing so. I only hope those people whom I put my trust to care my kids will do their best to do the task of taking care my kids.

Okay, back to the main story about the exhausted daughter of mine. Well, my daughter refuse to take her evening nap at my office because she I forgot to bring along her 'bantal busuk' which she used to 'gentel' before drift to sleep. So, she played all the time around my office. I knew that she was so tired because she asked too many question and talked lots of stuff. She tended to do that whenever she is tired to avoid herself from falling to sleep.

I persuaded her several time to sleep beside her little brother while waiting for my hubby to fetch us but she was so stubborn. I fell sorry for her because it was my fault for forgetting her most precious pillow. Around 5.00pm my hubby arrived and we went off to Giant to do our monthly shopping..hehehe,baru gaji ba jadi shopping dulu la..

"Ma, kita nak pergi Giant ke?" she asked excitedly. Gezzz, ni budak betul2 peminat Giant.. Her sleepy eyes gone, replaced with enthusiasm. Hahahaha, but that was only for 15 minutes. After that, see what happened to her :-

We wonder why so quite.. Gosh she is sleeping soundly in the trolley
tskk.tskk..poor Shasha..
look at her gaped mouth..sedap betul dia tidur!
Hubby and I tried to so our shopping as fast as possible because we know how tired our daughter was. She don't even stirred a bit when we placed her into the car and in our house. She was so damn tired! 

Okay, that's all for today.. My master-chef a.k.a my hubby is calling me to train my culinary skill so got to put full stop here. Have a blasting Sunday everyone! (^_^) V

P/S: Though I practice every weekend yet my culinary skill still as poor as before.. My master-chef said, seem like I have to be his assistant for longer then he expected..hihihihi

Saturday, July 2, 2011

"Larian Serentak 1Murid 1Sukan 1Malaysia"

Phewwww..Just come back from participating the "Larian serentak 1Murid 1Sukan 1Malaysia" at my kiddos school. It's not really challenging because the running distance is just about 2km but still I enjoy the events. I manage to finish it in just 9minutes..Hmmm, quite okay since I have not doing it for 5 years. Below is the summary of the program.

7.45am - warming up, singing the theme song of "1Murid 1Sukan 1Malaysia.. I just listen since I don't   know the song
8.00am - watching the opening speech by our PM, live from Padang Esplanade, Taiping, Perak.. The last bit of the speech actually..You know the part where he said "dengan ini saya melancarkan Larian serentak 1Murid 1Sukan 1malaysia
8.15am - briefing about the running route
8.20am - What else acara lari la..hihihi

Woittt..Macam laporan sukan la pula..hihihi.. Well, the events finished around 9.00 am because lots of parent who participate reach the finish line took up to 40minutes  since most of them just walking instead of jogging/running. But it's okay..At least they show their support by participating though they might only walking all the way off.

Activities/events like this should be conduct often because it can encourage students to exercise/sport more plus this kind of events can strengthen the relationship between parents and teachers/school staff.
I always told my kiddo the be active in school co-curriculum because not only it can revitalize their body but at the same time it can expose them into environment where they can learn to socialize in positive way. To me co-curriculum and curriculum/academic should b e balance because both of it have the same importance  in our life. I don't want my kids to be a "kaki bangku" only. I want them to excel in both academic and sport. Woahhh.. Such a big expectation!
So, what about you? Do you think being excel in academic alone is good enough for your kid? Don't shy-shy to share your opinion kio.. Just voice it out! As expected from "muka tembok China" like me kan.. 

Wokeyyy.. I smell unpleasant odor and that's my red signal, so I have to stop now to take my morning shower and get rid of those smelly odor before preparing food for the family..Oh, ya..Have a look at few pics taken in this events:-

Elan with his friend
Daniel with his roti..Gezz, I only manage to capture his pic after the event because I couldn't find him anywhere before the event..
Elan, daniel & me after the events..   
 So, until next time.. Good day and enjoy your weekend! (^_^)V

P/S: I still remember the wailing kid (standard one). When I asked him why he cry, he said his mom only send him to school and then went back home. He said he is sad because he envy those kid whom parent attending the event..Poor kiddo..

Welcoming July & Resurrect Old Passion

Today is 1st July and 2nd July already welcoming us in just another hour. Gosh! seriously? It's already half year of 2011! It's feel just like yesterday I watch the sky fill with fireworks celebrating new year of 2011 and listed out my year 2011 resolution. Have I achieve any of it? Geezzzz, don't really want to write about it now, so can I just keep the answer till end of this year?..

Tada!! The new shoes..
Since I am done with welcoming July, now I am going to continue my story about finding the cheap but nice running shoes and my history in participating in marathon 5 years ago . Yep, I already bought one this afternoon. It's purple and black in color and only cost me RM42++ . Why black? It's obviously because I hate to wash my running shoes regularly, hahahahaha... 

I bought this shoes because I decide to start joining marathon again after 5 years break. When I was still studying at UKM, I was an athlete and marathon was one of my favorite activities. I still remember participating in "Larian Samsung" in UKM when I already pregnant with my eldest son and still managed to win the 4th place among thousand of participant.. Hehehe, guess what? Nobody know that I was pregnant, even me didn't aware that I was pregnant. I have join lots of marathon back then but after I graduate from UKM in 2006 and got my 1st job, I rarely have free time anymore.

Image from Mr Google
Recently, I feel like I miss to do this activities after I look at my friends picture and update in Facebook about joining marathon. I am looking forward to join any marathon that held around Selangor in near future but not now since I have to train my stamina back. For a start, I am joining the "Larian Serentak 1Murid, 1Sukan, 1Malaysia" that will be held at my sons school (Sekolah kebangsaan Puchong Indah) tomorrow at 7.00am. 

Well, if I am not mistaken, this event will be held in all school in Malaysia tomorrow and the launching ceremony is held at Padang Dataran Perbandaran (Padang Esplanade), Taiping, Perak Darul Ridzuan.

I don't know how far is it but hopefully I will manage to make it to finish line. Is my hubby gonna join it? Hahahaha, just listen to the word 'running or jogging' terrify my hubby! So the answer is nope..He is going to be a nanny for a day tomorrow instead..

Woahh!!! It's already 12.20am! Mean it's already 2nd July. In other word, my pillow and blanket is calling me to join them so I better stop this rants now. Moreover I need my energy tomorrow..(*wink2)
To all parents who will joining this events, Chaiyo..Chaiyo! (^_^) v

P/S: For the past 3 days, I boiled and drank ginger soup/water for "tahan nafas" purpose in order to avoid "pancit" during long distance running..

Friday, July 1, 2011

What Will You Do?

I am sleepy but I haven't write anything in this online book of mine for quite sometime and it's make me feel like I am missing of something..Actually, sia lagadon mo mimbobok saja bah..hihihihi =P

Okay,let the ranting begin in 1..2...3..Here we  go! Case 1: What will you do when you bump to someone accidentally?  Some people might shout "hey!watch out" or maybe "takde mata ke?!" or maybe "sorry" and maybe some might just go without saying anything at all. What will I do? Well, being me I probably smile first like "kerang busuk" then I will say sorry and probably do the same although it not even my fault except..mestilah ada kecuali..except if  those people I bumped with being rude with me even after I say sorry..Nah, itu time keluar la tanduk dari kepala.. I won't tolerate with rude people..

Image By Mr. Google
Case 2: What will you do when you are stranded in the middle of nowhere with a group of stranger? At situation like this, some people might started to panic and say ask " what should I do?" or maybe "what should we do" or maybe "Who are you people?" and maybe didn't say anything at all and just follow the group decision. What will I do? Hahahaha, sia ketawa dulu kio because I probably smile and start making friend with those stranger instead of fill my mind with those headache question..

Why all of sudden asking/talking about above story? Well, actually it's something crossed by my mind just now and I am just typing it down here..Geezzzz, I am such a weirdo! But above situation is occupied my mind right now and I can't get rid of it until I get some answer from your guys and gals.. 

Beside that, I am in process of choosing and buying a running shoe because I am going to participate in my sons school marathon this coming Saturday. To tell the truth, last time I bought a running shoes was six year ago. I hope by tomorrow I can decide which one I wanna buy but I am gonna save this story until tomorrow okay.. 

Sorry because this entry is a bit "cincai".. Hahaha, entry pun ikut otak owner yang siodop and mingy.. So till tomorrow..Good night and sleep tight!

P/S: My condition look exactly like the image when I am thinking/deciding of something..


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